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Revenue directly from personalization


Increase in overall conversion rate


Scandinavia’s most visionary footwear chain drives a significant uplift in revenue through personalization software.

Shoe-d-vision is the parent organization behind the popular Scandinavian brands, Skoringen, and zjoos.

Combined, they operate two e-commerce sites and 191 physical stores in Denmark and Norway. Together they supply Scandinavians with approximately 3 million pairs of shoes every year.


Ensuring that customer expectations are at the center of business

In a market that is constantly evolving, with more and more sales moving online, Shoe-d-vision identified a need to increase the synergy between the offline and online customer experience.

Skoringen website

 The goal is to create a connection from the physical store to the customer’s experience online and make it as relevant and personalized as possible – this ensures that customer expectations are always at the center of business.

At Shoe-d-vision, our main goal is to be the favorite footwear supplier for your family. By partnering with Raptor Services, we’ve been able to improve the online shopping experience with personalized recommendations and relevance in all our channels. We couldn’t be happier with the impact it’s had on our customer loyalty and increased online revenue.

Ulrik Egede Christensen

Omnichannel Manager, Skoringen


Skoringen mobile performance

Delivering a highly personalized commerce experience

In a strategic partnership with Shoe-d-vision and Raptor, IMPACT A/S built a new digital platform to serve as the heart for Skoringen’s future commerce experience.

The result is a best in class digital commerce platform with Umbraco Cloud as the central application. Since the new platform was launched, there has been an increase in mobile conversions of 23%.

At the same time, drive to store increased by 49%, meaning that a higher percentage of store visitors are now qualified to make a purchase.

This performance showcases a platform that fulfills Shoe-d-vision’s ambitious plans for creating a personalized user experience across several channels.

Behavioral data is tracked and activated on communication channels through several Raptor-personalization services, including web recommendations and behavioral e-mail triggers.

Finally, all user data is tied together with the Raptor Customer Data Platform, which unifies customer data and makes it accessible to other systems. The CDP centralizes customer data from all sources and enables Shoe-d-vision to act on all of their combined behavioral data.

IMPACT A/S built a best in class personalized digital commerce platform on the latest version of Umbraco headless CMS. Umbraco Cloud acts as the central application, tying all applications and data together to deliver a highly personalized commerce experience.

The platform is based on Umbraco Cloud, and the Umbraco headless CMS, which has made it easy to mix content and commerce. The solution takes advantage of Umbraco’s flexibility to customize and deliver outstanding experiences for customers and editors.

Visitors that land on product pages will find relevant alternatives right below the product description. Shoe-d-vision display recommendations based on similar and recently viewed footwear on product pages.

If the initial product the customer landed on did not fit their needs, the recommendations help to inspire and convert browsers to buyers. This is illustrated below:

Below you see an example of similar products recommended as alternatives to the product above.

These recommendations are based on a combination of variables, including the user’s previous behavior and overall browsing patterns.

In the above case, the browsing pattern made up of clicks on other products from similar categories is given the most weight in the output. For a product to classify as similar, the clicks pattern has to occur within the same session.

This gives the algorithm an indication that the current product has a relation to the recommended products.

Adding the “Similar products” module to a product page will increase the conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate.

On almost every section of the Skoringen webshop, users can always find their recently viewed products. This provides the user with easy and personalized navigation to products that might still be of interest.

Skoringen Senest sete

 On, users that engage with the recommendations (Raptor users) have a 26% higher conversion rate than those who do not. Raptor users also generate an average revenue that is 21% higher than non-Raptor users.

Basket abandoners are encouraged to convert with automated email triggers

Shoppers that abandon their basket are often interrupted in their purchase or not entirely ready to make a decision. Personalized abandoned basket emails, containing exact products that were abandoned, represent a great way to increase conversions and recover lost sales.

These emails can be enriched with personalized product recommendations, that expose your customers to products that are often purchased with the basket content, products that are on sale, or a combination of multiple variables.

Raptor Customer Data platform (CDP) ties customer data together

The CDP provides a single customer view and allows Shoe-d-vision to build actionable audiences based on data from all customer touchpoints.

The audiences are activated in their existing tech stack. An example is their email platform, and Raptor’s personalization services on their owned and paid media channels.

Re-engaged past buyers through data-driven and dynamic audiences

The audiences range from simple to more advanced in their logic.

The audience below identifies shoppers that have previously visited in a given period, without making a purchase.

Skoringen audience

Skoringen can also use The Raptor Customer Data Platform to identify its most customers, that have a high Customer Lifetime Value.

Customer Data Platform Audience

The audience can be activated in the email platform through the Raptor-integration, which pairs the individual subscribers with their previous and current behavioral data.

Using that information, we can recommend products based on previously visited or purchased products. This can be combined with products that are often bought with the customer’s last visited or purchased product, and that makes up a really strong case for re-engagement.

Read more: CDP Buyers Guide

Machine learning audience

Further examples of popular audiences are Churn Prediction and Customer Lifetime Value prediction.

The churn prediction audience is the most advanced type since it automatically identifies possible churners based on a churn prediction algorithm. The algorithm is based on behavioral data collected from the webshop and other channels.

For example, when customers decrease their purchase frequency, they are dynamically placed in the corresponding audience, and flows can be automatically initiated in the marketing platform.

The Customer Lifetime Value prediction also uses past behavior to define an audience automatically.

Below you can see an example of an audience with customers that have a high lifetime value but a poor chance of being active. This audience can provide valuable knowledge for the user and tell them if previous top customers are disappearing.

Skoringen CLV

The Shoe-d-vision solution showcases what personalization can achieve. The relevance is created based on store data from a POS integration and behavioral data from multiple sources, and everything is tied together in the Raptor Customer Data Platform.

Jan Skov

COO, Raptor Services


Shoe-d-vision generates 13% of their online revenue directly from personalization



Increase in overall online revenue


Increase in overall conversion rate

Raptor vs Non-Raptor Users


Higher avg. revenue than non-Raptor users


Higher conversion rate than non-Raptor users


  • Since the launch of Shoe-d-vision’s new Umbraco platform, 13% of their online revenue stems directly from personalization features in the customer experience. 
  • The overall conversion rate has increased by 19%, and the site has seen a 13% increase in online revenue. 
  • Furthermore, users that engage with Raptor have a 26% higher conversion rate than those who do not. Raptor users also generate an average revenue that is 21% higher than non-Raptor users.

Note: The above metrics are calculated from January to May 2020.

Visit Skoringen’s site here.

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