Create a 360° Single Customer View

Connect all your data in one Customer Data Platform

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A Customer Data Platform is a single operational platform that empowers you to unify all your customer touchpoints from every data source and make the data available to all activation channels in your tech stack.

Break down data silos to bring together customer data that is spread among all your different systems to achieve a Single Customer View of each of your individual customers.

With a complete 360° view of all your customers, you are able to target the right customers, at the right time with the right message.

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Build a seamless customer experience

Raptor CDP Model

Customer Lifetime Value

Discover the true value of your customers

Personalized Omnichannel

Connect every customer touchpoint from online to offline


Leverage AI, Prediction and real-time data to deliver personalized marketing

Dynamic & real-time segmentation

Forget about static segmentation and experience segments that are always up-to-date

Technology agnostic

Integrate all your data sources seamlessly in your tech stack

Single Customer View

Achieve a full overview of every individual customer’s touchpoints

Data Ingestion

Ingest customer data from both online and offline data sources. This ingestion includes first-, second- and third-party data from multiple sources such as transactional systems, website tracking and behavior, POS, CRM and many others.

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Once the integration of your ingestion sources has been completed, the ingestion of customer data happens with real-time automation and will be added to each individual customer’s profile.

Data Unification

When you have ingested your customer data from all your data sources you are able to unify and match anonymous customer profiles based on our Profile Unification.

This is a technology that combines and matches ID’s such as e-mail addresses, cookie ID’s, device ID’s, user ID’s and token ID’s.

This process contributes to building a Single Customer View of each of your individual customers, allowing you to have a full overview of your customers.

What might start out as an anonymous profile will at some point be matched to another profile by comparing ID’s across devices and channels. This ensures a Single Customer View of each of your customers.

Learn 4 Key benefits of a Customer Data Platform

Over time, each customer profile will be continuously enriched by every activity and behaviour allowing a more personalized profile to navigate your marketing efforts.

By connecting and matching profiles, you are able to get a clear overview of your customer journey and it enables you to attribute channels correctly.

Raptor Profile unification
Raptor CDP Activation

Data Activation

To unlock the true potential of your collected customer data you need to activate the data in your desired activation channels.

Collecting data is only half the job. The true value and competitive advantage of customer data is achieved by activating the unified customer data correctly. A proper activation allows you to go from a standard level of insights that everybody can achieve to a operational level that only few companies are able to.

Audience Builder

The audience builder incorporates and defines strategic business logics in advanced audiences.

Forget about static segments that you manually have to update. Every audience you have created is dynamic, which means that it updates in real-time and adds customers that meet the requirements of the specific audiences.

Based on the unified data across all your customer touchpoints you are able to build audiences and activate the audiences in activation channels such as Facebook, Google Ads, E-mail, Website and many others.

Deliver personalized customer journeys by targeting the right users with the right messages at the right time.

CDP Raptor Activation

Single Customer View

With a Single Customer View, you have a full overview of every interaction a customer has ever made with your company, such as their transactions both online and offline, website and browsing behavior, audience history, and much more.

Discovering the ‘one truth’ about the customer is key in omnichannel personalization. Real-time audiences based on rule orchestration is fundamental to a succesful personalization. This will secure that customers are not targeted with the wrong messages at times where they are not ready to make a purchase.

Here’s 4 steps to knowing your customers’ journey

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Customer Data Platform Use Cases

Customers with a high CLV

Loyal customers who often buy place large orders or both.

Valuable Churners

Consumers who have previously had a high purchase frequency, but who have fallen sharply.

Brand Preferences

Identify customers with preferences towards a specific brand

Non-Omnichannel Customers

Identify customers that only buy through one channel

One Timers

Bargain hunters or gift shoppers that often shop on Black Friday or other discount periods.

Data Security

We make the process to comply with GDPR, and secure your customers data and other privacy laws, more simple. A Customer Data Platform gives you unified user profiles for each of your customers, so you have a complete overview of the data you possess on each individual. This will make it much easier to comply with requests for changes to a customer’s privacy and permission status.


  • Encrypted data hosted on a secure cloud solution from Microsoft Azure internal and external security evaluations
  • Role-based permissions
  • Two-factor authentication

Customer Data Platform: Your Complete Guide

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Nicolaj Christensen, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce at

“As an online pharmacy we handle very complex customer journeys and make sure individual customer needs are met. By combining Raptor’s Customer Data Platform and Recommendation engine, we’ve build the foundation for a more personal and relevant pharmacy-experience”

Customer Data Platform

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