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Raptor Site Search

Deliver a quick and AI-driven search experience, directing your visitor from search bar to desired product

Fast and frictionless search results

In e-commerce, a modern and well-functioning search experience is paramount. Searchers often have a clear idea of what they want, so it’s all about quickly handling their search request, showing them the right results, and guiding them onwards to the product page. Get ready for shorter browsing times and higher conversions!

Typo-tolerant and instantly updated

Nothing is worse than hitting a dead end. That’s why Raptor Site Search is hyper-tolerant of typos and language variations to make sure each visitor gets the results they’re looking for. Raptor Site Search updates in real-time as the user is typing, quickly matching the query with the right result.

Easy to set up, configure, and test

Setting up a modern and quick site search tool is surprisingly simple. It can be up and running in just a few hours, and adjusting or running tests is straightforward with Raptor’s platform. You have the control to prioritize search results in a way that best fits your business model like boosting popular brands or attributes of your choice.

What you can achieve with Raptor Site Search

Typesense: Succeeding on the wisdom of the crowd

 Raptor Site Search is built on Typesense, which intelligently analyzes the searches made on your site and leads them to the product they’re most likely to be looking for. No need to worry about typos, language variations, or grammar: AI makes the connections automatically to create a better search experience for your customers.

AI-driven re-ranking

Let AI identify your most popular products and boost them to the top of your search results. This allows you to stay on top of current trends while avoiding irrelevant search matches.

Strategic weighting

Take control of which parameters are most important for your search. Whether it’s product material, brand, color, or price, you can freely define which input should be prioritized.

Automatic fallback

Forget all about the dreaded 0-results page. With automatic fallback, you can make sure that every search query gets a result – no matter how fuzzy.

Category and content results

Your search results are not limited to just products. Identify when certain search queries should lead to a category page, a brand page, or content pieces (or a mix of all!) to make sure results always match the visitor’s intent.

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