E-mail Personalization

Improve your e-mail performance with dynamic product and content recommendations

Send relevant e-mails with dynamic recommendation modules that are based on your subscribers’ behavioral data, so it matches their expectations.

Use 10 prebuilt modules with machine-learning algorithms in your e-mails that are proven to increase revenue, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall customer engagement.

Improve metrics & drive sales

Drive more revenue through e-mail with personalized product recommendations.

Recognize more

Track every behavior across channels and devices from visit to click and match the right products to the right subscriber


Every interaction is processed and updated within milliseconds


As behavior changes, so does the content and products of the e-mail

Easy implementation

No need to change platform – Get up and running in no time

Custom and scalable solution

Tune and adjust the solution to fit your business

Save manual resources

No manual product selection, use behavior to automatically choose products

Improve e-mail performance

Improve click-through rate, conversion rate and reduce unsubscribe rate

1:1 Personalization

Move away from the “one size fits all” approach based on static segments and communicate to each individual subscriber

Product Recommendations

Show the right products to the right subscriber.

You no longer have to manually choose products that you think your subscribers will find interesting. Let your subscribers’ behavior, preferences and interactions dictate the products shown in your e-mails.

Every product module is based on each individual subscribers’ behavior, so the products within the modules are different for each subscriber.

The modules are also dynamic and updates in real-time. The moment a subscriber opens your e-mail, the product for each individual subscriber is chosen, so that the most recent behavior is taken into consideration.

Content Recommendations

Inspire your subscribers with relevant content based on their behavior and make your content sell the products for you.

Sell products through content recommendations by finding the right content elements for each subscriber, such as guides about a certain product they have shown interest towards. This way you use content to inspire them to purchase the product, with content related to the product.

Insert modules that work just like product modules, but instead they showcase relevant articles, guides or videos.

E-mail content recommendations - Raptor

Designed to work with your tech stack

We’re ready to develop any integration you need

Every solution is handcrafted to make you succeed

E-mail Personalization Use Cases

Use our prebuilt modules that quickly and easily allows you to get started personalizing your e-mails.

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How to get started

It is easy to get started using product and content recommendations in your e-mails.

1. Setup product catalog import (shopping feed)

Make all your products available for our recommendation engine

2. Setup website tracking

Track every behavior and interaction from your website visitors

3. Start sending

Send personalized e-mails with product and content recommendations

E-mail & Triggers

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E-mail Personalization

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