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From Manual to Automated: How Tretti Cut Their E-mail Setup Time in Half 


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Tretti is a leading supplier of domestic appliances in Sweden, operating under the parent company WhiteAway Group.

Since its founding in 2004, Tretti has won Best E-commerce Business in the domestic appliances category by PriceRunner 11 times in a row – first in 2006 and latest in 2021. They have also won the title Webshop of the Year in the domestic appliances category in 2018, 2019, and 2020, appointed by  

WhiteAway Group houses several brands, including,,, Skousen – and, since 2016, the Swedish brand  

Their journey

In Sweden, Tretti was a first mover within e-commerce sales of domestic appliances.

Though Tretti opened a physical flagship store in Malmö in 2020, their journey has always been largely online. This means that personalization – and not least e-mail personalization – has been a big part of the equation for years.  

Tretti use Klaviyo as their e-mail personalization platform, and until recently they also used the built-in recommendation modules that Klaviyo offers. 

To stay on top of the competition, they wanted to enrich Klaviyo with even more space for adjustments as well as a high level of personalization and automation.

In 2022, WhiteAway Group added Raptor’s E-mail Personalization and Behavioral Triggers to their e-mail platform across all their brands.

Tretti was first to get the full implementation. 

“Using Raptor, Tretti spends half the time setting up e-mails compared to the other WhiteAway brands, despite Tretti having the highest volume of newsletters per month. It has had a profound impact on our setup process and coordination”
Janne Vognstoft

E-mail Marketing Specialist, Tretti & WhiteAway Group

Less manual work for the marketing team 

When it comes to domestic appliances, two key points hold true: 

  1. People don’t buy new fridges or washing machines often, so they need a lot of information and exposure before making a purchase decision.
  2. Price is the most important factor, particularly during high-sales periods, when customers are most likely to be won over. 

Using their previous personalization solution, Tretti only had limited information to display in their recommendation modules – a product image, a title, and one price.

However, in the domestic appliances industry, it is crucial to showcase both the previous and new prices, along with the percentage saved (e.g., 30%), to drive sales effectively. 

As a result, Tretti had to rely on manual efforts from graphic designers to update prices and product information in their modules. This placed a significant and unnecessary burden on the design team. 

Fortunately, after implementing Raptor, their recommendations are now much more flexible.

Tretti’s e-mail team can use Raptor’s Layout Designer to create visually appealing modules that incorporate price displays, sales percentages, and more – precisely tailored to their preferences.  

This way, Tretti’s recommendation modules provide all the essential information for making a sale – and, importantly, their graphic design team is majorly unburdened. 

No more hand-picking products 

Many of Tretti’s campaigns are centered around specific brands or product categories (like Braun, fridges or washing machines).

This meant that Tretti had to spend a significant amount of time manually picking product recommendations for their e-mails. 

This is how easy it is to use Raptor modules using Klaviyo
Now, Tretti can use smart modules that display specific categories or brands, depending on each campaign.

And whenever the team comes up with a new idea, Raptor swiftly provides them with tailored solutions to bring those ideas to fruition: 

“Whenever we encounter challenges or brainstorm new ideas, Raptor’s support is lightning-fast. They consistently deliver solutions, and I can’t recall a single instance where we were told something wasn’t possible. With Raptor’s support, our visions always become a reality” 
Janne Vognstoft

E-mail Marketing Specialist, Tretti & WhiteAway Group

A clever Black Friday hack’ 

Black Friday and January sales are the two most important seasons for Tretti.  

During Black Friday, time is of the essence. products go out of stock, and prices can change several times per day.

Previously, Tretti had to involve a graphic designer to make the necessary changes. Now, Raptor’s automated recommendation modules make these changes automatically. 

If you ask Janne Vognstoft, E-mail Marketing Specialist, Raptor unlocks a quite simple but very useful Black Friday ‘hack’: 

During Black Friday, we sent out a newsletter displaying the most popular products that week, and it has been one of our best-selling newsletters ever. Best of all, it required minimal effort on our part. Previously, we had to talk to the sales department to determine the best-selling products and then create the graphics. Now, we can simply use a module that automatically identifies the top products” 
Janne Vognstoft

E-mail Marketing Specialist, Tretti & WhiteAway Group

Take a look at this example of a personalized Black Friday e-mail from Tretti:
Moreover, Black Friday attracts many new visitors for whom you have limited behavioral data for creating personal recommendations. Here, showing them the most popular products is a surprising – and very lucrative – hit. 

Streamlining implementation across brands 

Raptor’s E-mail Personalization and Triggers is up and running on Tretti – and Skousen is next.  

This creates a significant advantage for a multi-brand organization like WhiteAway, since Raptor can easily replicate the same algorithms and modules for the other brands.

It dramatically minimizes the time and effort needed for implementation for Skousen and the WhiteAway chain, allowing them to focus solely on the visual brand elements.

“With Tretti’s successful implementation of email personalization, the setup process for Skousen has been exceptionally quick. We have great expectations for our future collaborations with Raptor, and we look forward to seeing the full benefits of Email Personalization and Triggers across all our brands.” 
Janne Vognstoft

E-mail Marketing Specialist, Tretti & WhiteAway Group

Key take-aways

  • Tretti reduced manual work and saved time by implementing Raptor’s email personalization, spending half the setup time compared to other brands.


  • Displaying comprehensive product information, including previous and new prices with savings percentages, helped Tretti drive sales effectively in the domestic appliances industry.


  • Letting Raptor’s intelligent modules determine their top products during Black Friday, Tretti created one of their highest-earning e-mail campaigns of all time.

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