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Site Search & Search Recommendations

Tailor every search result to each visitor’s preferences and behavior 

Deliver a fast and frictionless search experience
Provide typo-tolerant and instantly updated results  
Generate personally tailored results for each individual visitor 

    Email Triggers & Recommendations

    Boost click rates, conversions, and engagement by personalizing every e-mail.  

    Watch your CTR and conversions skyrocket with relevant e-mails 
    Spend less time building newsletters and e-mail flows 
    Use 20+ prebuilt strategies with machine-learning algorithms  

      Choose your scope:
      Custom selection or the complete suite

      Choose your scope:
      Custom selection or the complete suite

      Create a personalized experience across all your channels by selecting the precise Raptor solutions that meet your needs. 

      Give any channel the royal treatment with premium data activation 
      Turn customer interactions into tailored marketing  
      Create a seamless omnichannel experience that adapts to shifting customer intentions 
      Boost conversion rates and brand visibility by delivering relevant and timely interactions at every step 
      Take full control of your first-party data to reclaim and expand your audience reach effectively 

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        • Collect, activate, and analyze your 1st party data

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