Automated e-mail triggers

Behavioral Triggers

Triggers Raptor Services

Optimize performance with intelligent triggers

Improve metrics & drive sales

Recognize more

Track every behavior from visit to click


Every interaction is processed and updated within milliseconds

Save manual resources

No manual product selection, use behavior to automatically choose products


As behavior changes, so does the content and products of the e-mail

Easy implementation

No need to change platform – Get up and running in no time

Tailored to your business

Tune and adjust your e-mail triggers to your specific business setup

Improve e-mail performance

Increase online revenue with behavioral triggers

Customizable solution

Triggers for every touchpoint in the customer journey


Why use Raptor’s e-mail triggers?

  • We are able to recognize and track your subscribers across all your channels and devices
  • We can recreate basket product(s) inside the e-mail
  • We can recreate basket content on the basket page
  • We update everything in real-time
  • We are able to combine e-mail triggers with product recommendations

Abandoned Basket

A lot of users will add a product to their basket, but they won’t complete the purchase before they leave your website.

In an attempt to recover as many cart abandoners as possible, you can send an e-mail to remind the user about the product they have abandoned and encourage them to complete the purchase.

Product Interest

In the consideration phase, a lot of users will visit a lot of products on your website. But often there is a product that have created more attention than others. Target users that have shown a high interest to a specific product, but have yet to add produts to the basket.

Based on product page visits, you are able to set a specific number of visits that will trigger a product e-mail if they do not purchase the product during the first visit.

Price Drop

Often, a user/visitor will show an interest in a product, but only purchase this after the price has dropped. If the price drops on a product a visitor/user has clicked on or otherwise shown an interested in, an e-mail will be send with the specific product triggered.

Category Interest

If a user on your website hasn’t shown a particular interest in a specific product, you are able to inspire the users with an e-mail that shows the best-selling products within the category.

Target users that are interested in specific categories on your website. If a subscriber has shown high interest within a specific category, you are able to send an e-mail with content about the category and present the subscriber with the most popular products within the category.

Back in Stock

Sometimes it happens that products are out of stock, but they are still featuring on your website for users to visit. If a subscriber visits a product that is out of stock, you are able to automatically remind the subscriber whenever the product is back in stock by sending them an e-mail reminder with the specific product of interest.

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E-mail & Triggers

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