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Zizzi achieves an +8% conversion rate on Price Drop triggers

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Increase in Conversion Rate on price drop triggers


Zizzi is a part of Ball Group A/S and is a major player in the curvy fashion movement – size 42-56.

Zizzi has more than 120 concept stores in Northern Europe and is one of the fastest-growing fashion brands, within international curvy fashion in the Nordic countries. Zizzi’s e-commerce site is represented in 11 countries and language variations.

Zizzi is a long-time Raptor client and uses Web Advisor, Email Advisor, and Behavioral Triggers. They use several different Behavioral Triggers, including Product Interest, Category Interest, Brand Interest, Abandoned Basket, and the focus of this case, the Price Drop trigger.

What is a Price Drop trigger?

The Price Drop trigger tracks users who have shown an interest in a product and registers when the product decreases in price.

The Price Drop trigger can be used in a couple of different ways:

The trigger can be used when a subscriber shows an interest in a product, which later decreases in price. This change in price triggers an email that notifies the user of the price reduction. The email only sends if the user is subscribed.

The price drop trigger can also trigger emails to subscribers who have placed a product in their basket without completing the purchase. Later, if the same product decreases in price, it will notify the subscriber by email, letting them know that a product in their basket has dropped in price.

In Zizzi’s case, they use the Price Drop trigger to send emails whenever a product in the subscriber’s abandoned basket drops in price, and they have achieved great results.

Price is often the deciding factor when users decide not to buy a product. Therefore, a reduction in price can often work as a final nudge towards conversion.

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 Other than the specific product on sale, the automated trigger email also contains a module with personalized product recommendations. The recommendations feature products tailored to the individual subscriber. However, the module only recommends products that are also on sale.

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Zizzi have two automated email trigger flows powered by Raptor-technology. One flow that revolves around the basket, which includes the Abandoned Basket and Abandoned Basket Price Drop trigger. And another flow that revolves around everything that the user engages with but doesn’t add to the basket, such as Product Interest, Category Interest, and Brand Interest triggers.

A subscriber can only activate one trigger within each flow every 24 hours.

Zizzi has no manual processes regarding their Price Drop trigger from Raptor, other than the initial setup and integration to their ESP, Heyloyalty.

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Zizzi uses the Price Drop trigger across many different markets such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, and Germany.

In May and June of 2020, Zizzi sent out +28.000 Price Drop trigger emails across all of their markets.

During the month of May, Zizzi sent out +11.000 emails in total, with an average open rate of +55%. The peak open rate was more than 63% in one market. In May, the average conversion rate was 6.70%, but in one market the conversion rate was 8.30%. During the month of June, Zizzi, sent out +16.000 emails in total, still with an average open rate of 55%. The peak open rate was 63.54%. In June the average conversion rate was 5.40%, but in one market the conversion rate was 7.30%.


Peak Open Rate


Peak Conversion Rate

We are very satisfied with the Price Drop Trigger from Raptor. The trigger has become an important part of our email marketing setup since it saves us a lot of manual resources and time, and it contributes to even more revenue through our email channel.

Helle Vesterager

Marketing Director, Ball Group


 The Price Drop trigger is an excellent tool for notifying subscribers about a price reduction on a product, especially if they have previously shown an interest in the product. For Zizzi, the Price Drop trigger is an essential tool for automatically generating revenue through email marketing. Therefore, the trigger has become an important part of Zizzi’s email flow and will continue to be a part of their setup in the future.

  • Notify subscribers who have already shown high interest in a product, and give them the last push with an email about a price drop
  • Zizzi has no manual processes concerning their use of Price Drop trigger
  • Zizzi converts as high as 8.37% on their Price Drop triggers
  • Zizzi experiences open rates as high as 63% on Price Drop trigger emails


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