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Website Recommendations
Deliver the most relevant product and content recommendations to each user by using behavioral data at every step of the customer journey. Boost your conversion rate, cross-sell with precision, and increase AOV.
Use your recommendation modules as advertising space for time-limited campaigns. Create extra exposure around certain brands, pin or bundle chosen products, and track the important KPIs for each campaign to optimize impact and conversions.
E-mail Triggers
Trigger personalized and timely e-mails based on user behavior. Remind subscribers who left their basket behind, inform them of price drops, or notify them when an item they want is back in stock.
E-mail Recommendations
Fill each e-mail with personal recommendations selected to fit each user. By letting AI choose the most relevant and timely recommendations, you can slash your e-mail setup time in half while watching your click rates and conversions take flight.
Site Search
Help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for with a fast, modern site search solution that updates in real time. With type-ahead, typo correction, and ranked results, you can quickly and easily guide your user through their journey.
Customer Data Platform
Collect and connect customer data from all touchpoints and target customers with precision. Dive into individual behaviors, create meaningful segments, and activate them in all your channels.
Search Recommendations
Tailor your search results to each individual visitor. By adding a layer of personalization to your site search engine, you give a boost to the products that each user is most likely to love, creating a better search experience while bringing them closer to the sale.
Advertising Recommendations
Become the thumb stopping moment with personalized recommendations and messages in your paid ads. Get the most out of each impression and maximize the results from your advertising activities by delivering consistent customer experiences across all your customer touchpoints.

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Marketing Manager
E-mail Specialist
Paid Media Specialist
E-commerce Manager



Create a seamless omnichannel experience that dynamically adjusts to each user's preferences, boosting engagement efficiently and effectively.

With Raptor, you can:

Track and report on marketing performance and revenue
Make customer data available in your marketing channels
Ensure Tone of Voice and brand consistency
Automate campaign tasks, saving time and resources

Marketing Manager


Boost conversion rates and brand visibility by activating customer data in all channels.

With Raptor, you can:

Improve your marketing ROI and conversion rates
Save time with automated campaign management
Adapt your campaigns to trends and seasonal changes
Let data guide your marketing strategy

E-mail Specialist


Boost Click Rates, conversion rates, and subscriber engagement with personalized recommendations in every e-mail.

With Raptor, you can:

Watch your CTR and conversions skyrocket with relevant e-mails
Drag and drop product modules into your e-mail campaigns
Spend less time building newsletters and e-mail flows
Get total creative freedom in your e-mail setups


Paid Media Specialist


Reach more users than ever before with hyper-personalized recommendations and a strategic focus on 1st party cookies.

With Raptor, you can:

Target with precision, boosting conversions, ROI, and CPA
Predict churn and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Reclaim and enhance your reach after the 3rd party cookie phase-out
Build better audiences with our Customer Data Platform

E-commerce Manager


Create a seamless shopping experience with personal recommendations – all the way from the search bar to the final conversion.

With Raptor, you can:

Boost conversions, page visits, and time spent on site
Make sure your customers quickly find what they’re looking for with Search Personalization
Let Raptor’s AI select the most relevant recommendation at every step