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30+ Skilled And Ambitious People

The People Behind The Brand

The people behind the brand are our most valuable assets. Our team consists of people who are curious, positive, passionate about personalization and strive to make a difference every day.

Marketing, CRM, Partner Services & Omnichannel Excellence

Commercial Excellence

We have collected all our commercial-related competencies in our Commercial Excellence team, which consists of Marketing & CRM, Partner Management, Omnichannel Excellence and Professional Services. From signing the contract to growing their business, the team is ready to support the customer in succeeding with our solutions.

Mette Fangel Sørensen

Director, Marketing & CRM

Phone: +45 26 70 35 20

Martin Rubæk

Customer Relations Manager

Phone: +45 25 32 22 33

Helle Vad Jespersen

Content Creator

Phone: +45 42 43 27 17

Kate Mackay

Marketing Coordinator

Phone: +45 52 11 05 95

Maternity Leave

Nikoline Fuglsang Lauritzen

Creative Manager

Phone: +45 20 76 90 80

Kasper Vihrenfeldt Knudsen

Digital Designer

Phone: +45 31 51 37 30

Anders Spicker Rasmussen

Director, Omnichannel Excellence

Phone: +45 53 67 57 55

Kenneth Boll


Phone: +45 20 26 65 94

Anita Rytter

Director, Business Development

Phone: +45 22 66 88 01

Maternity Leave

Jeppe Godske Olsen

Director, Partner Management

Phone: +45 12 34 56 78

Kirsten Düsterdich

Senior Partner Sales Specialist

Phone: +45 20 40 80 20

Simone Vestergaard

Simone Vestergaard

Partner Sales Specialist

Phone: +45 20 76 70 54

Oliver Mathias Jessen

Junior BI Specialist

Phone: +45 20 70 15 99

Onboarding, Technical support & consulting


The Professional Services team is working closely with customers, from onboarding their solutions to further development of their business. In Professional services you will also find our Customer Support.

Jonas Skytte Madsen

Director, Professional Services

Phone: +45 51 62 82 86

Mads Sieron Thorsen

Senior Consultant & DPO

Phone: +45 61 26 12 37

Dennis Egelund

Senior Consultant

Phone: +45 22 72 03 96

Sharon van der Arend


Phone: +45 28 93 75 29

Ida Lindeskov Opstrup


Phone: +45 51 97 23 75

Jan Skov


Phone: +45 27 89 55 64

The money, the food & the office

Finance &

The Administration team is taking care of our finances as well as taking care of all the employees and our office surroundings.

Randi Birk

Accounting & Administration

Phone: +45 61 77 22 40

Birgit Sørensen

Office Management

Anne Mette Jacobsen

Office Management

Development, ongoing optimisation and UX


The Technology department is where the magic happens. They develop high-end tech solutions and make sure that our product is always 100% best in class.

Thomas Garp

Chief Architect

Henrik Drachmann

Chief Programmer

Ole Pedersen

Senior Data Scientist

Arne Meng

Data Scientist

Alexandru Mihai Vulcan

Senior Software Developer

Mads Grout

Junior Software Developer

Frederik Træholt Andersen

Junior Software Developer

Robert Patraşcu

Frontend Web Developer

Maureen Koopman

UX and Frontend Developer

Radu Deaconescu

Senior Software Engineer

Adrian-Victor Greu

Senior Software Engineer

Jakob Støttrup Larsen

Jakob Støttrup Larsen

Junior Software Developer

Jakob Støttrup Larsen

Peter Thramkrongart

Student Data Scientist

Not just a quiet bunch of random people

Members of the Board

In Raptor Services we have a professional board, that consists of people with skills and experiences within technology, e-commerce, internationalization and who most importantly always puts the customer in the front. They inspire us to do our very best to succeed with the strategy and goals that we have set for the company.

Claus Hovge Andersen

Chairman of the Board

Signe Trock Hilstrøm

Board member

Morten Sandlykke

Board member

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