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What is Search Personalization?

Did you know that Search Recommendations is perfect as a bundle when you buy Website Recommendations?

A positive customer experience is personalized from start to finish. That’s why Raptor’s personalization solution is bundled:

  • Total synergy: A full personalization setup in one package
  • Simplified implementation: All necessary components are provided for saved time and reduced complexity
  • Improved user experience: Adjust to the user’s likes and behavior at every touchpoint

Raptor’s Search Recommendations allows you to tailor every search result specifically to the individual visitor’s interests, behavior, and preferences.

This makes it easier for your visitors to find the right product, which improves the customer experience drastically.

Benefits include:

  • Fast and correct search results
  • Type-ahead and typo correction
  • Real-time personalization
  • Higher conversion rates (+112%)
  • Better user experiences

Personalized Search

With personalized search results you can add a layer to your search engine, enabling you to personalize the products in the search results on a 1:1 level.

By doing so, your visitors will experience that their search results are more relevant, because they are presented with products that are based on their individual behavior, preferences and interests.

Personalizing your search engine is proven to boost sales and improve the customer experience, since your visitors have an easier time finding the right products.

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Raptor Personalized search

Search Strategy

You can choose between various strategies in your personalized search solution.

Visitor's purchase history

Show products that are related or often bought together with a previously purchased product

Visitor's click history

Show products that a visitor has shown high interest towards recently but have not bought yet

Twin analysis

Show products that visitors, who look like each other, have either clicked or purchased

Cross selling

Recommend products that are related to a previous purchase or the current basket content

Up selling

Suggest products that are upgrades and/or more expensive versions of a current product in the basket

Trend spotting

Show products that are popular across your website based on clicks or conversions

Raptor Search Re-rank

Product re-ranking

Customer data from website tracking can also be combined and used to prioritize products in your visitors search results.

When a visitor enters a broad search result and is sent to a category landing page, the page becomes a result of the specific search.

The products on the landing page are re-ranked to match the individual’s preferences.

Use different factors to re-rank your search results

Conversion rate

Rank and prioritize products that have the highest conversion rate above other products

Click popularity

Rank and prioritize products that have generated the most clicks within a given period above other products


Rank and prioritize products that are trending at the moment based on purchases or clicks above other products

Number of purchases

Rank and prioritize products that are most popular in terms of purchase above other products

Other factors such as stock status, margin size, discount %, etc. can also be chosen as determining factors in your personalized search to tailor it to your specific business goals.

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