Zuuvi x Raptor

Create best-in-class HTML5 banners with different pictures, animations, videos, fonts or choose between our different customised standard templates. 

About Zuuvi

Zuuvi is a Danish tech platform build for digital marketing teams and designers, that enables them to produce best-in-class ads for display and social media. Typically, it takes 5 hours to produce a standard package of 5 digital ads. We experience that our users save up to 70% time on this exact process. Zuuvi allows you to create best-in-class digital ads at scale. Some of the coolest advertisers such Toyota, 3 Mobile, Schibsted and SVT produce digital ads in Zuuvi – everyday. 

Why Raptor and Zuuvi are a perfect fit

Zuuvi is specialized in making digital ads – easy and smooth. And with Raptors data and algorithms the ads can be customized as well. This means that clients using the Zuuvi platform can include website behavior and interaction data in their ads with just few clicks.  

Combining the Zuuvi platform with Raptors personalization tool gives you the ability to build tailored campaigns with differentiated messages and high relevance – in no time.  

The main benefits of the Raptor and Zuuvi combination 

  • Personalize digital ads without using lots of time 
  • Create much more relevant banners with a datadriven approach 
  • Increase your click rates and get a better conversion rate on your campaigns 

Zuuvi provides the design platform and Raptor Services provides the data to create even more value for our customers. This partnership is very important for the journey that we are on. We want to give our users every possibility to be creative in their digital advertising. We are fortunate that a cool company, like Raptor, also sees great value in working closely together.”

Alexander Augustesen

CEO & Partner, Zuuvi

Alexander Augustesen

CEO & Partner

Phone: +45 41 42 10 87
Email: [email protected]

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Phone: +45 89 87 85 07
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.zuuvi.com

Hillerødsgade 30B 
2200 Copenhagen 

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Simone Vestergaard

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