Raptor is not just another “one-fits-all” solution

How We Work

At Raptor, we have a customer centric way of doing business and how we approach all our services.

We attribute great importance to a deep understanding of your needs as a customer and apply these to the knowledge Raptor have of your industry.

The Process

Onboarding & Implementation

# 1

Kickoff-meeting between onboarding manager and your team

As a new customer we invite you to a kick-off meeting, where the onboarding and implementation roadmap is specified. Here, representatives from both your commercial and technical stakeholders meet with Raptor’s Professional Service team. Together, we align your needs, requirements and tech stack with our solution.

# 2

The implementation begins. Data is ingested into the recommendation engine

The second step involves the actual implementation. The primary focus is to secure an accurate ingestion of your customer data from all relevant channels and platforms into Raptor’s recommendation engine. We have full documentation of the whole implementation and integration and can provide support both online or on-site, throughout the whole phase.

The duration of this process depends on the individual scope and the amount of accessible data.

# 3

We monitor your service and keep you in the loop with follow-up meetings

After we “go live”, we continue to provide suggestions for improvements based on an ongoing analysis of how the solution works for you. This is secured by monitoring your service and continuous follow-up meetings, making sure your needs are met.

Professional Services

Our Professional Service team consists of six people with different fields of expertise within the personalization and Customer Data Platform suite. We all take great pride in implementing the best solution for you, based on your business’ KPI’s.

Each customer is unique, which is why we customize our product to your needs. We help you collect, store, analyze and use your customer data through a variety of services designed to give your customers a personalized experience.

Ongoing Success & Reporting

4 annual meetings: At Raptor, we understand how important it is for you to get the most from your investment. That’s why we schedule four yearly status meetings, to make sure we are closely aligned and are up to date with your needs and targets, should they change.

24/7 support: Additionally, you get your own expert from our Professional Service team who will be your Go-To-Expert in case of issues, follows-up, or simple questions about your services. We have a 24/7 support policy – so don’t hold back.

ROR-report: Every month, you will receive a Return On Relevance Report (or ROR), providing you with a summary of your solution’s performance. This report is an insight into the exact value Raptor’s services provide your business.

4 annual meetings

Four yearly status meetings – to make sure we are aligned 

24/7 support

You get your own Go-To-Expert and 24/7 support from the Professional Service team 


Every month you receive a summary of your performance (RoR-report) 

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