Reach sky-high performance with E-mail Personalization

Mar 20, 2023 | E-books & Guides

Are you working with e-mail marketing? Then this guide is the key to giving your e-mail performance a serious boost!

Your average subscriber receives plenty of e-mails from many different brands. Some of them are most likely from your competitors, who might also use personalization in their marketing strategy.

But not all personalization is born equal.

Bad personalization efforts can hurt the perception of your brand. In fact, brands lose 38% of customers due to poor personalization experiences.

For example, if brands lack a proper data foundation, their personalized messages will miss their relevance, which is truly worse than no personalization at all.

This guide will teach you how the right personalization approach to your e-mail marketing will boost your sales, improve customer engagement, and potentially recover lost revenue.

It covers:

  • Activate your customer data and fully automate your targeted e-mail campaigns
  • Present your subscribers with relevant recommendations based on their interests & behavior
  • Avoid manually picking recommendations for all your e-mail flows
  • Send the right e-mails at the right time in the customer journey

Are you ready to start delivering personalized messages that will convince your subscribers to convert?

Download now the guide on the right.

Download it here and start reading!

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