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Product- & content recommendation

Website Personalization

Personalization for banners
website personalization

Product & Content Recommendations

Web Personalization

Use behavioral data from every step of the customer journey to deliver the most precise product or content recommendations to each individual user by personalizing every customer touchpoint.

You can’t recommend the same product or content piece to all your visitors – No user is the same, and the one size fits all approach is no longer viable, if you want to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Personalization for website will improve your online performance metrics such as Conversion Rate, Average Order Value, Revenue per Visit, Time Spent on Site and many other!

Search personalization

With a personalized search, you can tailor each search result specifically to each individual user’s interest, behavior and preferences. Personalization as a service will make it easier for your visitors to find the right product, and it will drastically improve the customer experience.

With personalized search you are able to put a layer on top of your search engine that enables you to personalize the search output on a 1:1 level. By doing so, your visitors will experience that their search results are more relevant, since the output of their search is based on their individual behavior, preferences and interests.

Personalized search is proven to boost sales and improve the customer experience, since your visitors have an easier time finding the right product or content element.

Raptor Search Personalization

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Website Personalization

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