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Some things you might want to know when using Raptor Services.

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Considerations before buying

What is personalization?

Personalization is the practice of providing your customers with a streamlined and individual customer experience every time they interact with your brand. Therefore, an important part of personalization is tracking every interaction your customers have with your brand. Learn more on ‘Why personalization’ here

Why should I use Raptor?

Raptor Services is a market-leading Personalization and Customer Data Platform provider and serves more than 300 ambitious customers worldwide within different fields. With our solutions, you create the foundation for a true omnichannel customer experience. Check out our customer cases for examples

Can Raptor integrate with my website platform, ESP, mobile app, and search engine?
Yes, our personalization engine is technology agnostic, and can integrate into your existing setup through a generic API.
Can Raptor track behavioral data on my subdomains?
Yes, Raptor can track behavior on any domain you own, as long as our tracking script is implemented.
Will Raptor sign a mutual Non-Disclosure-Agreement?
Yes, we will sign a mutual NDA with any client who deems it necessary.

Being a customer at Raptor Services

Which services can Raptor provide?

We provide the following services:

• Customer Data Platform
• Website Recommendations (Products, Content)
• Search Personalisation (Products, Content, Brand, Category)
• Email Recommendations (Products, Content)
• Behavioral Triggers (Automations such as Abandoned Basket and Product Interest)
• Merchandising Center
• Data Synchronization (POS)

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What support does Raptor offer?

As our customer, you get your own expert from our Professional Service team, who will be your go-to-expert in case of issues, follow-ups, or questions about your services. We have a 24/7 support policy – so don’t hold back.

Our support can be reached by calling +45 3136 7298 or by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

How reliable is Raptor?
We use Microsoft Azure as our data hosting provider, giving us 99,9% reliability.
How does Raptor send out email on my behalf?

If you use our Behavioral Triggers, we can initiate a flow in your Email Platform, based on the behavior we are tracking. When a user performs an action that triggers an email, the permission check happens in your Email Platform, and the email is sent from your system.

Basic functionality

Can Raptor Increase my visitor engagement?
Yes. Website users are more likely to engage faster and more reliably when presented with personalized content and product recommendations. As engagement improves, you have more accurate data to build deeper personalization for your customers with.
Does Raptor improve customer experience?

Personalized content and offers are more appealing to costumers, providing a better experience, which leads to lower bounce and exit rates — and more time on site.

Does Raptor increase conversions?

Personalized site experiences turn leads into customers sooner with content that drives higher conversion rates than those who deliver a common experience.

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Can Raptor increase my customer lifetime value?

Yes, by personalizing every customer interaction, you can deliver better customer satisfaction, gain trust and boost lifetime value.

Learn more on our CLV model here

Why is personalization important?

Customers expect to receive personalized experiences from news feeds, social networks, and video channels. You must meet those same expectations to maintain customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

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How does personalization work?

Using integrated marketing tools, you deliver targeted, unique content to your customers. You do this by using rule-based or automated methods based on analytics-driven metrics and audience profiles.

How do I know personalization is successful?

Typically, you can use metrics such as conversion, cart abandonment, bounce, and click-through rates to evaluate the success of your personalization campaigns. Brands may also choose to rely on key performance indicators that fit unique business needs.

How do I personalize experiences for anonymous visitors?

You can use contextual data such as search engine, referral source, IP address, and device to customize experiences. Leading solutions can create anonymous user profiles from first touch to all subsequent digital interactions.

Data and compatibility

Will my data be secure and private?

All models are unique to the customers’ data set, and are not shared across other Raptor accounts. No data is used to train or propagate models for other customers, the customer’s model inputs and outputs are entirely owned by the account. Every interaction customers have with Raptor Services is protected by encryption.

Read more on our Compliance here

Who owns my data?
You own your data! We sign a data processor agreement with all our customers.
Is my performance data kept private?
Any data Raptor collects is kept secure and private. We will not share your information with any third party for any purpose.
Can Raptor integrate with other tools and platforms?
We can integrate with any tool or platform through our API, which creates a generic REST endpoint.
Can Raptor utilize offline data, such as offline transactions from physical stores or lead data from sales teams?

Yes, just like any other type of external data in Raptor. The offline data simply has to be available in the form of an upload or a synchronizable feed such as RSS.


What does the pricing structure consist of?
Raptor is a highly customizable platform that can be tailored to individual business needs, which the pricing reflects, however, it is primarily based on the volume of API requests.

Each service (Web and Search, Email and Automations) consists of a license and maintenance fee, as well as a traffic fee based on usage. Customer Data Platform, Merchandizing, and Data Synchronization solely consist of a license.

What happens when I exceed the current volume of my traffic step?

Raptor includes a certain number of API-requests or module impressions, on each traffic step. When you exceed the included usage in your current step, you will automatically be moved into the next traffic step, which will be reflected in your subscription.

Is price the most important factor to consider when choosing a SaaS?

ROI is much more important than price itself. Make sure you have a substantiated estimate of your return on investment.

Read this blog post on how buying too cheap is the most expensive decision.

Can Raptor integrate with other tools and platforms?
We can integrate with any tool or platform through our API, which creates a generic REST endpoint.
Does Raptor have a partnership Program?

Raptor collaborates with a range of trusted Solution-, Paid Media-, and Technology Partners, to help our customers maximize their online business with the intelligent use of data that Raptor enables.

Learn more about our partner network here

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