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Personalization for Banners & Catalog Enhancement

Ad Personalization

Advertising Personalization Raptor

Personalization in
paid media

Stand out in your advertising channels with personalized messaging to be the thumb-stopping moment. Improve your product selection by delivering personalized product or content recommendations in your advertising that will increase click- and engagement rates.

Integrate personalization to marketing materials in all your paid media channels. Get the most out of each impression and maximize the results from your advertising activities by delivering consistent customer experiences across all your customer touchpoints.

Why use Advertising Personalization?

Increase engagement

Reduce banner blindness with engaging and personalized ads

Improve product selection

Optimize your product selection for each user’s behavior

Get the most out of each impression

Convert your impressions to engagement and clicks

Personalized strategy

Become personal in order to maximize the results from your paid media campaigns

Custom solutions

Tailor the solution to your paid media strategy with an out-of-the-box solution

Take control

Stay in control of what products you display in your ads to move away from black box setups

Personalization for Banners

Optimize your display ads with personalized engagement banners. They make it possible for you to take control of the messaging in your banner ads and deliver relevant customer experiences.

Personalization for Banners will reduce banner blindness. When you deliver relevant user experiences, these will stand out by exposing users to products they have previously interacted with.

Advertising platforms are like black boxes, and your display banners will stay generic if you don’t take control of the output.

What you choose to expose to your target audience in your banners should be decided by algorithms that differentiate between known and unknown users in order to tailor the message to the individual user’s preferences.

Personalization for banners
Advertising Personalization Raptor

Catalog Enhancement

Add business logics to your product catalogue feed to ensure that you meet your business goals. With Catalog Enhancement you can add your most important product attributes containing business critic logics to your existing product catalog.

Gain control over your products, by choosing which products to promote in your shopping feed ads. Whether it being on Facebook, Google or a third platform.

When boosting products with parameters such as high-margin, bestsellers, stock status, or revenue per visit, you will be able to differentiate yourself from competitors and improve your performance in your product listing ads.

When implementing business critic logics such as revenue per visit, bestsellers or other custom algorithms into your product ads, you will experience an increase in your performance metrics, ROAS, click-through rate and more.

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Advertising Personalization

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