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Salesforce + Raptor Services

Salesforce Email Personalization and Triggers

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More connections – greater relevance

Use Raptor’s Email Triggers within Salesforce

Raptor’s personalization engine seamlessly integrates to Salesforce. There is no need to change email platform, Raptor can help you get the most out of Salesforce by personalizing your email campaigns and sending behavioral email triggers.

Use Raptor in combination with Salesforce to target the right people, at the right time and with the right products.

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Right people: Track your subscribers online behavior and intent, that will initiate relevant emails

Right timing: Modify and split-test the timing of the send-outs that allows for iterations and optimization

Right products: Display relevant products and content to each individual subscriber based on their behavior

Key Benefits

Get Startet

Easy Implementation

Setup product catalog import (shopping feed)

Build template(s)

Setup website tracking

Start sending

Leverage Automation

Save time and manual processes

Automatically increase the volume of emails with personalized communication

Deliver real-time & up-to-date emails automatically

Improve KPI’s & Drive Sales

Improve open rates with correctly timed emails

Increase click-through rates with dynamic and personalized product recommendations

Boost conversion rates by delivering personalized emails to subscribers with intent to buy

Take your e-mail marketing to the next level

E-mail Personalization

Product Recommendations

E-mail personalization lets you show right products to the right subscriber.

You no longer have to manually choose products that you think your subscribers are going to find interesting. Let your subscribers’ behavior, preferences and interactions dictate the products shown in your emails.

Every product module is based on each individual subscribers’ behavior, so the products within the modules are different for each subscriber.

The modules are also dynamic and updates in real-time. The moment a subscriber opens your email, the product for each individual subscriber is chosen, so that the most recent behavior is taken into consideration.

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Content Recommendations

Inspire your subscribers with relevant content based on their behavior and make your content sell the products for you.

Sell products through content recommendations by finding the right content elements for each subscriber, such as guides about a certain product they have shown interest towards. This way you use content to inspire them to purchase the product, with content related to the product.

Insert modules that work just like product modules, but instead they showcase relevant articles, guides or videos.

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E-mail content recommendations - Raptor

Behavioral E-mail Triggers

Abandoned Basket

A lot of users will add a product to their basket, but they won’t complete the purchase before they leave your website. In attempt to recover as many cart abandoners as possible, you can remind the user by e-mail about the product, they have abandoned and encourage them to complete the purchase.

Product Interest

In the consideration phase, a lot of users will visit a lot of products on your website. But often there is a product that have created more attention than others. Target users that have shown a high interest to a specific product, but have yet to add produts to the basket, but they have shown high interest in a specific product. Based on product page visits, you are able to set a specific number of visits that will trigger a product e-mail if they do not purchase the product during the visit.

Category Interest

If a user on your website have not shown particular interest in a specific product yet, you are able to inspire the users with an e-mail that shows the best-selling products within the category. Target users that are interested in specific categories on your website. If a subscriber has shown high interest within a specific category, you are able to send an e-mail with content about the category and present the subscriber with the most popular products within the category.

Price Drop

Often, a user/visitor will show an interest in a product, but only purchase this after the price has dropped. If the price drops on a product a visitor/user has clicked on or otherwise shown an interested in, an e-mail will be send with the specific product triggered.

Back in Stock

Sometimes it happens that products are out of stock, but they are still featuring on your website for users to visit. If a subscriber visits a product that is out of stock, you are able to automatically remind the subscriber whenever the product is back in stock by sending them an e-mail reminder with the specific product of interest.

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