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Increase in average conversion rate on search results


INDI, one of the fastest growing e-commerce in the Netherlands, is a B2B retailer of technical parts.

They have an extensive product catalog, with more than 450.000 products.

INDI aims to give their users the most relevant search experience online.

To do so, they use Raptor’s Search Advisor to personalize their on-site search, and the results are incredible.


Search Personalization explained

Raptor Search Personalization has two main features.

It considers specific user behavior, such as clicks and purchases, and creates patterns of relevance based on this data.

The output of Search Personalization is based on an algorithm that can instantly process millions of data points, in this case, generated from user behavior on

Raptor Search Personalization uses this data to re-rank the results of the on-page search feature.

The most relevant products for each individual user are positioned at the top of the search result page.

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Secondly, the Search Advisor re-ranks the products on category pages, placing relevant products closer to the top of the page. As you navigate the site, expressing various interests, the products on category pages are re-arranged according to your specific behavior.

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This re-ranking is based on the same data as the search results, which means that you can navigate, without using the search feature, but you will still see products that are specifically chosen and relevant for you.

When the behavioral data from one specific user is combined with clickstream data from millions of other users, the relevance is almost impossible to surpass.


Relevance leads to more conversions

Before implementing the Raptor Search Advisor, INDI had impressive conversion rates on their search results and category pages, but they improved drastically following the implementation.

On INDI’s first page of the search results/category page, the average conversion rate increased from 8% to 12% over the course of three weeks.





Even more striking, the average conversion rate on the first product of a search result was 30% without Raptor. With Search Advisor enabled, it increased to 50% during the same three weeks.





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  • From the above results, it is clear that site-owners who utilize personalization tools, such as the Search Advisor, become more relevant to their customers.
  • A custom-made implementation, as opposed to a plug-and-play solution, drastically increases conversion rates on B2B, as well as B2C sites
  • The faster your customers find the products they need, the faster they will convert. An increase in the relevance of your search results causes more conversions and increases your online revenue.

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