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About is Denmark’s leading online supermarket which delivers the daily groceries to thousands of customers every day. With no physical stores and over 10.000+ different products, is able to deliver price-friendly and convenient grocery shopping for all.

And’s success is undeniable: The market-leading online supermarket has won numerous awards over the years, most recently “Best B2C E-Commerce with a revenue over 100 million DKK” at the prestigious Ehandelsfest 2022.

This award signifies that delivers the best e-commerce experience in Denmark according to leading experts in the field.

How did achieve such a level of success?

Here is what the jury had to say:

“The competitors in the category have seriously upped their online game, but this year’s winner has grown their multimillion turnover by an impressive 52%. Their enormous growth has not impacted their customer service, which is still sky high. 50% of their app users open the app every day, and 70% of customers shop at least once per month.” 

Raptor has delivered customized personalization to since 2016. Based on user behavior and clickstream data we enable them to recommend relevant products and content to users on their popular platform.

”The collaboration between client, digital bureau, and technology can amount to hugely successful results, and is a great example of this on all parameters. Both in terms of increased basket size, user experience, and customer loyalty. I want to thank and applaud for showing immense trust to external partners and we are incredibly proud to repay that trust with amazing results” says Kenneth Boll, CEO at Raptor Services.

Personalized grocery-shopping is making life easier

The personalized digital experience on has improved the user experience drastically and helped to increase their online revenue by 52% in the latest fiscal year.

After just a few years in the market, their accumulated revenue is above 1.3 billion DKK, and the use of recipes has increased by 159% since Raptor’s website recommendations were implemented on their site.


The extensive solution on

At the core of the solution is the advanced machine learning algorithms that make up the base of the personalization engine. At present, recognizes 95% of visitors, and all data is stored on secure cloud-based servers.

This enables our algorithm to learn from large quantities of data. Based on those learnings, the recommendations shown in search, in automated e-mails, and in paid ads are adapted to the preferences of each individual user.

At present, 80% of pageviews include intelligent recommendations based on clickstream data. Raptor is represented throughout the entire customer journey, from the search function to product ranking on category pages, to basket, and content recommendations in the form of recipes.

The result is a truly personalized experience for online grocery shoppers, which in turn enhances opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling, and increased basket size.

The challenge is often to ensure that customers always see the most relevant recommendations.

If a customer who usually shops for discount products is browsing recipes, we recommend discount products that go into that recipe, and the same goes for customers who typically pick the organic choice.


“Our mission is to create the most personal shopping experience. We chose Raptor because it can offer individualized, highly relevant experiences, which are automated and accurate. These highly relevant experiences create customer loyalty and higher customer lifetime value.” says Jeppe Grue, Head of Sales at”

“At we are going to expand the partnership further in the future, as we believe personalization is key to customer loyalty and growth, and Raptor is going to help us deliver on that.” Raptor web personalization

A great example from the online grocery store is how Raptor recognizes patterns in user behavior. When consumers buy hypoallergenic laundry detergent, the algorithm automatically identifies various preferences through the purchase.

In the example above, our algorithm recommends products that other consumers have bought with that exact laundry detergent. In this case, the related products are other laundry products and cleaning supplies, all hypoallergenic.

Based on patterns in user behavior, we can see that consumers who buy hypoallergenic detergent also have preferences for other aller-friendly cleaning products.

Logical as it may sound, this automated process saves several hours of manual tagging. Raptor web personalization

A second example is how the algorithm detects patterns that can seem surprising to most people. For example, you might not realize the connection between “Boil-In-Bag” rice, pre-cooked meals, and oatmeal, but the data shows a clear relation in the purchase history.

When you think about it, all these products show an affinity for quick and easy meal preparation. However, if you click on risotto rice, you will see ingredients that reflect a preference for more complex cooking.

The recommendations will always reflect the behavior of the consumers.

And it’s a true win-win.

Visitors get the most relevant recommendations, and save endless time and ressources.

Raptor Solutions

Advertising Personalization

Stand out in your advertising channels with personalized ads

E-mail & Triggers

Personalized products and content in e-mails and behavioral triggers

Website Personalization

Product- & content recommendations for web and search


  • To ensure a personalized customer experience, Raptor is implemented to present personalized product recommendations
  • The use of recipes on has increased by 159% since Raptor was implemented
  • 80% of all’s pages include intelligent recommendations from Raptor

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