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How Sport 24 use customer data in paid media channels




Sport24 uses Raptor’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) to unify its customer data across channels and platforms.

Sport24 activated audiences in their Facebook channel and achieved a general performance lift of 92% on ROAS.

Sport24 has come a long way by using Facebook’s pixel for retargeting website visitors; however, that does not provide a complete overview of customers in terms of how they behave across platforms and channels.

Sport24 activates different channels for different purposes

  • A customer which frequently makes purchases online might seem like a high-value customer, but if the customer always returns their products in a Sport24 store, then they are in fact, a low-value customer to Sport24
  • At Sport24, they ask: Is it more efficient to reach out to customers through e-mail as the customer usually opens all e-mails and use the paid media spend on other customers?

Today, Sport 24 is using Raptor’s CDP to create their audiences based on their customer data to reach both existing customers that they want to repurchase but also new potential customers orchestrated across channels.

By unifying all their customer data in the Raptor CDP, Sport 24 can define their audiences based on their first-party customer data.


When using Facebook-generated audiences, Sport24 usually achieved a ROAS of 17-20, which is considered a high-performance level by most standards. Since they started modeling their audiences around customer data from their Customer Data Platform, they achieved a significantly higher ROAS of 30-35 – a 92% increase in performance!

In this particular case, they achieved a ROAS of 35.58.

Facebook x Raptor


ROAS Increase

The audience created in Raptor’s CDP consisted of a target group of 81.000, that all meet the requirements which Sport 24 had set to be a part of their segment.

To be more specific they are actual Sport24 customers that buy products in this category across Sport 24’s physical stores and their website – without returning the products again.

The campaign was in this case a “one day campaign”, so Sport 24 only reached 29.000 of the potential 81.000.

The results showed significantly better-performing ads with CDP generated audiences than they are used to and furthermore, Sport 24 can use the audience created in Raptor’s CDP and synchronize it into Facebook to create “lookalike” audiences to reach new potential customers based upon the powerful “lookalike”-engine within Facebook.


The lookalike audiences created by the CDP reach more customers and are therefore much more detailed and truer to the original specifications, than what you’d get from deducting manually what a segment would look like.

Now, all of Sport 24’s Facebook campaigns are based on their customer data and audiences from Raptor’s CDP.


While Facebook has an enormous user database with tons of metrics, Sport24, using the Raptor CDP, has extremely precise purchase and behavioral data from its platform. They can target the right people that also make purchasing decisions in the household while timing the targeting to a specific audience that statistically are in the market for Sport24’s products.

  • There is a lot of value in structuring and working with your customer data and segments across channels
  • Use your customer data to improve your lookalike audiences on Facebook and Google
  • Structure and coordinate customer communication across channels and communicate with your customers on their premises

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