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DK Company Drives 80% Conversion Rate Lift Through Personalized Gamification


DK Company

Industry: Fashion, Apparel & Sports

Partner: Scratcher



Increase in Open Rate


Conversion Rate


By combining gamification and personalization, DK Company has increased its performance and user experience.

DK Company already use Raptor’s personalization solutions on most of its brands and across several of their channels: Website, POS, E-mail, and Behavioral Triggers.

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Based on Raptor’s long symbiotic relationship with DK Company, and the new partnership with their gamification supplier, Scratcher, it only made sense to incorporate the personalized user experience into their gamification strategy.

Scratcher specializes in helping businesses to implement gamification campaigns in their marketing. DK Company uses Scratcher on all of Bon’A Parte’s markets and as a direct result of the collaboration, they have experienced a significant boost in high-quality leads.

Through behavioral user data supplied by Raptor, Scratcher has enabled Bon’A Parte to achieve a more intelligent and personalized after-sales communication through automated emails. Due to the personalized content, these automated emails have a much higher open- and click-rate, compared to more handheld and manual newsletters.


The results speak for themselves and we are proud to be a part of the case. We want to thank Scratcher for the partnership and congratulate them on their top 5 nomination for Best E-commerce Case at FDIH E-commerce Awards 2020.


Increase in Open Rate


Increase in Click Rate

Increase in Conversion Rate

How we did it


In Q4 of 2019, BON’A PARTE launched a more tactical gamification-strategy. Previously they had a sole focus on lead-generation. Now the focus has shifted to a more advanced strategy involving user-engagement through personalized and product-related gamification.

Raptor’s role is to integrate enriched user-data that is utilized to provide opportunities for intelligent and automated after-sales.

Scratcher developed the gamification campaign called “Style & Win” specifically for BON’A PARTE. The campaign aims to accumulate subscribers for their newsletter and to do so, customers are required to sign-up for the newsletter. They gain access to a game that lets them customize a complete outfit from predefined product categories chosen by DK Company.

The product categories are carefully selected, each month, according to seasonality. The specific products that are featured in the game depend on behavioral user data supplied by Raptor.

If a player has items from the selected categories in their browsing history, the game will reflect this and output their previously viewed items.

If the player does not have any previous behavioral data, the game will show them the most seen products in the selected categories. This view is also supported by aggregated behavioral data from Raptor.

Each month a winner is automatically selected by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which then proceeds to notify the winner through email. Every participant who didn’t win receives a consolation price containing a promotion code and their selected outfit.

The selected products and the user are connected through an advanced process in Raptor’s platform, allowing us to recognize specific users, and pairing them with their previous browsing behavior.

This automation outperforms every other email send out, and on social media, both cost per click and cost per lead is significantly lower.

Bon’A Parte converts as high as 30% with Behavioral Triggers

DK Company earns €4.000 in daily revenue from Behavioral Triggers.

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