Upgrade of the CDP Audience Builder

Dec 16, 2020 | Release Notes

A core element in the CDP

The Audience Builder is the core element of our Customer Data Platform, and we have now improved the UX of numerous features of the Audience Builder within our Customer Data Platform.

The Audience Preview is now more detailed, and you can now see how many you are able to recognize from each of your identification IDs in the identify graph (cookie-id, email-id, user-id). You can always change your audience filters and refresh to see the updated numbers.

The UX of the building and filtering section has also been updated, and you now have a better overview of the filtering options.

The date selection area of the audience builder has also been upgraded.

You have the possibility to define audiences based on various different time ranges, which means you go all the way down to behavioral interaction data from the last hour. This allows you to communicate extremely precisely by using the audiences that are extremely up to date with the most recent behavior.

You can now directly from within the Audience Builder after pressing Save, attach the audience to your desired activation channel without having to back to the campaign menu.

Upgrade of the CDP Audience Builder

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