Menu in the Control Panel – an overview of all your Raptor solutions

Jun 18, 2021 | Release Notes


What has changed?

Raptor’s Control Panel has a new menu. Now all solutions are presented in an easy-to-navigate menu that is easy to follow and in line with our colors and overall brand identity.  

What you need to know

What has changed?

The new mega menu showcases all Raptor solutions under one roof. The new menu contains all our solutions divided into the following categories:

• Customer Data Platform
• Website Personalization
• E-mail and Triggers
• Advertising Personalization
• Merchandising

A tools section (global tools which are not connected to a specific product leg) which contains:

• Analytics & Insights
• Data Manager – Brand new management tool. Check out the release here.
• Layout Designer – Check out the release here
• Help Center

The old and new menu

What do I get?

All of Raptor’s solutions are made more accessible in the new menu. It is easier to navigate between our products and find what you are looking for.

Instead of having the different features hidden behind a main category, everything is now made visible and easy to access.


What do I need to do?


Nothing. The new mega menu is released Friday the 18th of June. The next time you log in to the Control Panel you will see the changes and can take a tour around the new design and structure.  

Menu in the Control Panel – an overview of all your Raptor solutions

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