New Layout Designer for Web and Email Advisor

Apr 8, 2021 | Release Notes

Layout Designer for Web- and

We have launched a new Layout Designer in the Recommendation Engine. This product enables you to customize your web and email templates without relying on coding or advanced technical skills. Your layouts are now easy to make and use. You can choose to customize your template, or you can rely on one of Raptor’s, depending on your needs.

What you need to know:

How much does the Layout Designer cost?
The Layout Designer is part of your Web advisor service. If you are already using this service, there are no extra fees or expenses related to using the Layout Designer.

What do I need to do?
Absolutely nothing. The Layout Designer will appear next time you open the control panel. Check Designers at the top and click on Layout Designer to get started.

Need a Video-tour?

Check out the highlights of the layout designer in the video below. Note, this video is not an exhaustive view of all the changes, but a demonstration of the most significant and valuable possibilities for your work with layouts.

How does the new layout designer look?

Below you see an image of the Editor. On your left, you have the layout with its placeholders, where all the changes are made. On the top right, you find the preview window that tracks every change you make to your layout. The layout preview gives a precise visualization of what the layout will look like with a specific product. The placeholders (@Model… ) on the Editor side will be filled up with the real product data in the preview window. In the bottom right you find the selection panel, where you can search for products.

We will go through the different parts of the Editor below:

Start customizing your layout by selecting a product from the search bar. The product you choose will be displayed in the preview folder. You can use either a product id, name, or category.

In the editor, you customize your layout and its placeholders. You can resize the actual image, change the color, size, font, and shape of the call-to-action button, scale the image and the button, or add a description to the placeholder. All your changes will be visible in the preview window.

If you need further options, you can always visit the header for Size, HTML, or additional Functions.

When you are done customizing your layout, you need to Save and Publish it. If you are not ready to Publish, save it and come back to it later.

What do I get with the new Layout Designer?

  • A more simple, visual approach for creating layouts. You can easily click on the items you want to preview
  • A display of your own product selection. This way you can easily visualize your customer’s email and create a life-like layout to see what different images and data in your layout will look like.
  • A self-serving tool that saves you time and updates in real-time. You no longer have to wait hours before your changes to an e-mail appear. This allows a more efficient workflow for your e-mail marketing.
  • An intuitive platform – what you see, is what you get. We have removed the layers that made noise and made everything in a drag-and-drop version, so you can follow the steps all the way.

Do you need help?

 If you need help getting started with the Layout Designer, you are more than welcome to book a free session with one of our experts to know more about how it works.

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New Layout Designer for Web and Email Advisor

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