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Raptor for Shopify

Boost your revenue by personalizing
your Shopify-website in a few simple clicks

Sitecore Raptor

More connections – greater relevance

Why Raptor’s personalization
is the right fit if
you have Shopify

Raptor’s personalization engine integrates seamlessly with Shopify, allowing you to set up your recommendation widgets in no time.

With Raptor’s personalization, you get the same quality of behavioral recommendations and level of depth in the algorithms as you would with any other CMS. You reduce time-to-market and that gives you a competitive advantage and the ability to deliver relevant product and content recommendations in no time.

Key Benefits

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Easy Implementation

Setup product catalog import (shopping feed)

Setup website tracking

Implement modules on the right pages

You are ready

Leverage Automation

Save time on manual processes choosing products

Automatically deliver personalized communication

Deliver real-time & up-to-date recommendations

Improve KPI’s & Drive Sales

Improve conversion rates

Increase Revenue Per Visit

Increase time spent on your site by delivering relevant communication

Product Recommendations

Show dynamic product recommendations that are based on your visitor’s behavioral patterns which means that all products are tailored to each of your subscribers.

Utilize 10 different machine-learning algorithms that are proven to increase sales, conversion rates, and overall engagement.

Product pages

If the specific product that the customer is looking at is not what you want, then it is important to show other options that are reminiscent of the product.

The focus should therefore be on assisting the individual conversion, which is done by showing alternatives that may be more relevant than the product seen.

Category pages

If a user enters a category page, the mission is to get the user to click on a product.

You might have previous behavioral patterns that can decide what products to recommend, but if you don’t, then you can recommend the most popular products within the category to inspire the user.

Basket page

You have one last chance to increase the basket size, but you must also be careful and focus on the most important thing, which is that the customer converts.

A module with related products, which is most often purchased with the products in the basket is the right choice. Avoid showing similar products to the contents of the basket as it will create doubt and you risk missing the conversion.


In the power-step feature, you can choose to recommend products that are related to the specific product that has been added to the basket.

The power-step is great to increase the average order value, and quickly show the user relevant products to the product(s) already added to the basket.

Content page

Generate a list of complementary and relevant products that customers often view with a specific content category.

You can also use this the other way around to recommend content on product pages.

Account page

Make it easy for your customer to repurchase, and recommend personalized based on their previous purchases and behavioral patterns in order to increase their average order value.