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A boom in digital presence & omnichannel experiences

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Consumer expectations and strong competitors are serious challenges for Home & Living. A few years ago, the industry was mostly offline, but today consumers are choosing to shop online and expect a customized shopping experience.

Many customers want to see your sofa physically and make the purchase online – or vice versa. But how do you meet the customer with the same level of personal service online as you do in physical stores?

When working with data and omnichannel, you connect all the touchpoints your visitors interact with, egg. in store, e-mail, website, app, and SoMe.

It is the best way to guarantee that your customers will get the same personalized experience both online and offline – and it gives you a competitive advantage towards other brands by creating a customer experience that attracts customers to come back.

4 key facts

How personalization impacts the
Home & Living industry


of customers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations

– McKinsey


of consumers expect conversations to move seamlessly between channels

– Gladly


of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences

– Hubspot


of shoppers would exchange data for a more personalized experience

– Hubspot


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ILVA optimized their media spend and secured a competitive advantage with personalized banners

Luxo Living

By using personalization Luxoliving.dk achieved a ROAS of 650%


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Focus areas for the Home & Living industry

Omnichannel and great customer experiences fulfills a vital consumer need

The winners of Home & Living in the years to come will be the brands that embrace and connect both digital and physical customer touch points. It requires a huge focus on data activation and personalization but fear not – we can help you achieve it! 

Deliver personalized experiences with behavioral segmentation

Segmentation is the foundation of strong and scalable personalization. Data from Klaviyo shows that highly segmented campaigns return more than 300% of revenue per recipient compared to unsegmented campaigns.

When segmenting your audiences, it is essential to fully utilize your customers’ behavioral data – for example, what they have purchased, how long they wait to repurchase, the amount of money they spend, and what makes them churn or buy.


Home and living personalization

Personalization for the entire journey

Consumers want to access all inventory easily and shop both online and offline. Take advantage of this with premium personalization and reach a higher basket size.

When working with personalization, you can offer real-time recommendations to each customer. You can make it easier to move them towards conversion by relating products to their lifestyle. Show them products that match their budget, style, brand and other preferences. And use the same data for spotting trends when making inventory decisions.

Future-proof data strategy

Data-protection is important, and you need to comply with GDPR and optimize your data strategy in order to meet the ever-rising privacy standards.

The best way is to take full ownership of your data by focusing on 1st party data. Unify data from every channel and touchpoint in order to keep delivering the best personalized shopping experiences despite the new privacy regulations.  

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Omnichannel strategy is the way

The hit of the pandemic forced consumers to shop online, causing a wild boost in e-commerce for the Home & Living business. But physical stores haven’t been completely replaced.

So, what does that mean? Your online and physical presence should complement each other perfectly, and an omnichannel approach is a must for the Home & Living providers.  

The Worldwide Home Decor Industry is Expected to reach $898.3 Billion by 2027

Achieve your business goals with best-in-class data activation tools

We are working with numerous different Home & Living brands, and we take pride in tailoring each solution to your needs and existing tech stack. We help you collect, store, analyze, and activate your customer data to give your customers a personalized experience. 

At Raptor, we understand the importance of getting the most from your investment. That is why we schedule regular status meetings to make sure we are aligned and up to date with your needs and targets. 

Customer Data Platform

Connect all your data sources to create a 360° Single Customer View

E-mail & Triggers

Personalized products and content in e-mails and behavioral triggers

Website Personalization

Product- & content recommendations for web and search


Use your recommendation modules as advertising space

Advertising Personalization

Stand out in your advertising channels with personalized ads

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