Adapt to the new buying process in a fast-moving industry

The Electronics industry

Nearly everything we do – from exercising, entertainment, communicating, to travel and education – are somehow connected to an electronic product. 

There is a growing desire for people to stay connected and informed. Technology has been shaped to let consumers interact in a seamless and valuable way, moving the consumers of electronics forward.

Furthermore, the intense competition with technologies forces electronic companies to step up their game to stay relevant in this fast-moving industry.

When buying an electronic product, consumers heavily rely on internet research, peer reviews, and testimonials among others. With so many electronics brands out there, it’s a necessity for electronics brands to have a unique digital marketing strategy.

If you have a strong approach you can differentiate your brand from the competition. 

4 key facts

How personalization impacts the
Electronic industry


of customers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations

– McKinsey


of consumers expect conversations to move seamlessly between channels

– Gladly


of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences

– Hubspot


of shoppers would exchange data for a more personalized experience

– Hubspot

“Having a personalized approach in our marketing channels is really important to us and is a part of how we stay ahead of our competitors”

Mikael Kolding

Marketing Manager, Proshop


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Focus areas for the electronics industry

Price regulations, promotions and creative profitability 

The last few years, digitalization has changed the way we live. Consumers time online increases, priorities are shifting and there is a general need for connectivity. And this is not just on an individual level – large companies are also buying more tech products. 

Don’t miss out on the increasing demand in your industry! Adapt to the newest trends and develop your business to be attractive for both B2B and B2C customers.

Be present where the customers are

Electronic shoppers desire to learn about the products online before maybe trying and buying them in a physical store.

Their customer journey comes in several variations and is not simply research online, buying offline. Other variations may involve purchasing online, picking up offline, returning orders in-store or alternatively trying products offline and purchase online.

So, what does that mean?
Your online and physical presence should complement each other perfectly, and an omnichannel approach is a must for electronic brands.

What is omnichannel? And how is it different from multichannel?

fashion omnichannel raptor services
Journey Fashion Raptor Services

Tearing down data silos

Effectively activating data means gathering all information across various systems and data platforms and collecting the data to get a single customer view.

Without a proper data activation process, valuable data will go unused and become worthless over time.

Data protection is important, and you need to comply with GDPR and optimize your data strategy in order to meet the ever-rising privacy standards.

The best way is to take full ownership of your data by focusing on 1st party data. Unify data from every channel and touchpoint to keep delivering the best personalized shopping experiences despite the new privacy regulations.

Personalization for the entire journey

Consumers want to access all inventory easily and shop both online and offline. Take advantage of this with premium personalization and reach a higher basket size.

When working with personalization, you can offer real-time recommendations to each visitor. This will make it easier to move them towards conversion by showing products related to their lifestyle.

Show them products that match their budget, style, brand and other preferences. And use the same data for spotting trends when making inventory decisions.

Personalization - Electronics
CLV Fashion Raptor

Unique customer experience for both B2B and B2C

Electronic brands must create an integrated ecosystem that adapts to both B2C & B2B customers.

Warehouses often receive B2B and B2C orders and in most cases, B2B orders include larger quantities and a different invoicing and fulfillment process than B2C orders.

You need to be aware of these differences and create a personalized customer experience for B2B and B2C.

35,7% of electronic consumers tend to get influenced by internet advertisements

Scalable customer journey and easy to implement 

Creating a unique customer journey doesn’t have to be like hiking Mount Everest. It should be just as exciting, but not as extensive to complete. All you need is the right solutions and the right partner!

With our personalization tools, we can help you create a seamless and smooth customer journey, that ensures effective warehousing and on-timing promotion campaigns.

We take pride in tailoring each solution to your needs and existing tech stack, and we understand the importance of getting the most from your investment. That’s why we schedule regular status meetings to make sure we are aligned and up to date with your needs and targets.

Customer Data Platform

Connect all your data sources to create a 360° Single Customer View

E-mail & Triggers

Personalized products and content in e-mails and behavioral triggers

Website Personalization

Product- & content recommendations for web and search


Use your recommendation modules as advertising space

Advertising Personalization

Stand out in your advertising channels with personalized ads

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