The Personal Shopping Assistant

May 1, 2023 | Release Notes

Get ready!

We are releasing a brand-new module that delivers the most precise recommendations on web and e-mail. All in real-time and based on your visitor’s exact place in the customer journey.  

What is it?

Our newest module (with the technical name GetUserItemRecommendationsWeb) is like a personal shopping assistant in the shape of an algorithm. It adapts to your customer’s shopping behavior and intentions in realtime.

For example:
When your customer is looking for a pair of sneakers, it will show alternatives – but once a pair of sneakers is placed in the basket, the module will show related products like running tights or socks.

This way, the recommendations are always one step ahead of your customer’s intentions, making it much easier for you to up and crosssell through the customer journey.

New algorithm

Most personalization solutions are based on collaborative data and do not take the whole customer journey into account.

You have experienced this if you have ever been recommended the same or a similar product to something you just bought – an off putting experience.

Our Personal Shopping Assistant is based on both collaborative data like product interests, but also each individual customer’s immediate movements across the customer journey. 
It can calculate your customers next step from their previous and current behavior, and you can adjust it to both chase the conversion and/or the crosssales when the first purchase is completed.

We recommend you place the algorithm on your website as a sidebar for it to constantly calculate and show recommendations.

Benefits & features

  • The module makes personal recommendations based on both CookieID and UserId (1st party data)
  • You can choose which products to use as backfilling for different event types
  • The module can both boost and suppress products. This way, the module can be set to not show product in certain contexts (which you define yourself). 
  • You can choose which similar or cross-selling products should be shown depending on event type.
  • You decide whether the module should boost certain brands/categories, and how much they should be weighed. 
  • For frequent customers, the module can be set to show favorite products that they “might have forgotten.”
  • The module has a built-in split-test function, so you can test several settings in the same module 

Who is it available for?

It is available to all new and existing customers with E-mail and/or Web personalization.

You can find it in the Control Panel by looking for Personal Shopping Assistant (or by the technical name GetUserItemRecommendationsWeb).

We have also written a blog post with some more inspiration. Click to here to check that out.

The Personal Shopping Assistant

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