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Single Customer View

Nov 24, 2023 | Release Notes

Understand your customers

We are excited to introduce the Single Customer View within our Customer Data Platform (CDP).

This functionality offers a comprehensive display of all customer data collected for each customer, enhancing your understanding of individual customer journeys and their value to your business.

The view is available to all CDP customers. You can also try out the interactive demo below ⬇️

Key features

Dive into each individual customer that enters your business and learn about their patterns, timeline, and which audiences they belong to.

Here are the key elements that you can explore in Single Customer View:

Comprehensive Customer Overview

The Single Customer View showcases individual-level information, providing a detailed portrait of your customers and their interactions with your brand.

Customizable Interaction Timeline

You can select up to five key interaction events to display in the interaction timeline, offering a birds-eye view of customer engagement.

Profile Information, Audience Memberships, and Calculated Attributes

Access essential information including person identifiers and audience membership details, helping you validate and refine your audience segments.

Metrics of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

The CLV vs. Loyalty Matrix, integrated from Audience Insights, helps you understand the loyalty and value of each customer compared to your entire customer base.

Predictive Insights

Get both historic and predictive metrics, such as predicted number of orders and total lifetime value, aiding in future planning and customer retention strategies.

Setting up Single Customer View

Single Customer View is easily accessible through the Control Panel under Customer Data Platform.

Do you want a full overview of the setup, how to make the most of each feature, and future enhancements to come?

Head to the Help Center article for detailed information.

We encourage you to explore the Single Customer View and discover its potential in enhancing your customer relationship strategies.

Single Customer View

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