Raptor is ISAE 3000 Type II certified

Dec 21, 2023 | Release Notes

New certification

ISAE 3000 Type II

Raptor Services is pleased to announce that we have successfully attained the ISAE 3000 Type II certification for the year 2023, following a comprehensive review and validation by the state-authorized auditing firm, PwC.

This statement is your guarantee that Raptor Services treats data correctly and in accordance with the GDPR.


What is ISAE 3000?

The ISAE 3000 framework, part of the International Standard for Assurance Engagements, is a distinguished audit standard focusing on the internal controls of service providers, particularly in the IT sector.

There are two types of ISAE statementss:

  • Type I, which examines the controls within an organization.
  • Type II, which evaluates the effectiveness of the controls that have been put into place.

This certification underscores Raptor Services’ commitment to the highest level of information security, contributing to a stable and ethical business environment for you as our customer.

If you wish to read the full ISAE 3000 statements, you can find them in both English and Danish on our Compliance page.

Raptor is ISAE 3000 Type II certified

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