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Product Set Campaigns

Dec 16, 2020 | Release Notes

Within our Merchandising Center solution, we have launched a new section called Product Set Campaigns.

What is Product Set Campaigns?

 The Product Set Campaigns feature is useful when you want to create a set of specific products for a landing page, front page, etc.

There is a difference between creating a normal Merchandising Center campaign and a Product Set Campaigns campaign.

In the normal Merchandising Center setup, you can choose which products you want to boost and the rest of the products within the module, you have no direct control over since it is based on the individual’s preferences.

In the Product Set Campaigns, you choose all the products and the module will only show these specific products. The chosen products will still be based on relevance to the individual, but only within the specific products that you have chosen.


 If you have a campaign that only involves a certain set of specific products, you can make a Product Set Campaign with these products and create a landing page when you direct users to through email, etc. and the users will only see the products within the Product Set Campaign.

The Product Set Campaign creation setup works like the normal Merchandising Center campaign setup, where you can either manually search for products or make a more advanced product search with conditions.

If you want to learn more about our Merchandising Center, you can click here.

Product Set Campaigns

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