New updates in CDP, Data Manager, and Trust Center

Sep 28, 2022 | Release Notes

Updates September 2022

We have developed a bunch of new updates that make things easier when working within the CDP, the Data Manager, and the Trust Center. 

  • In the Trust Center, you can now create multiple users at once and add job titles during the creation flow. This is useful when you need to create several users and provide them with the same permissions. Furthermore, a search function now allows you to search for specific accounts you need to provide access to, which is useful if you administrate a large number of accounts


  • We have simplified some of the functionality in the Audience Builder under the CDP. Especially “Did not” statements could cause confusion


  • In Calculated Attributes under the CDP, we have improved the Top 3 based on SubTotal, which didn’t always calculate correctly. Furthermore, the interface has been simplified to make it easier to use


  • Multiple views now have sticky headers when scrolling down. This way, you can always see the column headline when scrolling down in lists


  • When setting up your e-mail marketing provider under Integrations, the system will now validate the information – e.g. an API key – before you are able to proceed. This will catch setup errors up front, which would cause the flow of data between Raptor and your email provider to fail


  • Campaign Monitor is now added to the list of plug and play e-mail marketing integration partners under Integrations


  • When cloning an audience in the CDP, tags will automatically be cloned too – both when cloning to the same account and when cloning to sister accounts


  • When attaching audiences to an activation in the CDP, you could only attach a total of five audiences and/or calculated attributes at the time. This limit has been removed, so you can attach as many as you like.

  • Youtube, Instagram, Ibexa and Criteo have been added as activations in the CDP. Activations enable you to push persons in Audiences and Calculated Attributes built in the CDP to the recieving system for targeting, re-targeting, journey creation etc.


New updates in CDP, Data Manager, and Trust Center

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