New metrics view for Audience Insights

Mar 21, 2023 | Release Notes

 Audience Insights

New metrics view

If you are already using Audience Insights in the Raptor CDP (Customer Data Platform), you know that it’s full of useful information about each of your audiences and how they perform compared to your entire user base.  

Well, our newest update gives you even more detailed insights to enrich your audience building! 

Average performance per customer shows you all the metrics generated by the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) model. It shows you the average performance per customer and how it compares to the total population.  

Now we have added a more detailed view for each of these metrics that shows how the audience is distributed across the values of the metric rather than just the average.  

The small graph to the right of each metric gives a quick impression of the distribution of customers on the given metric. The purple bars represent the audience, while the gray bars represent the total population.  

Clicking the metric will open a more detailed view. This example shows the metric “Historic value all time”. 

In the graph to the left, the value of the metric is divided into 50 buckets on the horizontal axis. By hovering over each bar, you will see how many customers are placed in the bucket (written in bold) and how many customers have values below and above the value of the bucket. 

In the table to the right, the customers of the audience are divided into seven fractions going from the worst performing to the best performing and their corresponding values.  

This way, you can see the value that corresponds to e.g., your top 10 % best-performing customers in the audience and target them with a campaign. Likewise, you can see the value of the one customer with the lowest value and the one with the highest value. 

This update makes you better able to build new audiences based on performance and target them with the most hard-hitting campaigns.

You also avoid wasting time and marketing spend on customers of low value.  

Read more about Audience Insights and the new metric details view right here. 

New metrics view for Audience Insights

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