New Dataflow Overview in the Data Manager

Jul 5, 2023 | Release Notes

New overview

Data Manager

The Data Manager in the CDP has been updated with a new overview of your dataflows.

The update includes:

  • A new card design containing all relevant information
  • Better sorting and filtering options
  • Better overview of active dataflows, drafts, and deleted dataflows (divided into tabs)
  • Improved default sorting, displaying the flows with the most important statuses at the top

The new list design is a part of our strategy of making the Control Panel into a comprehensive self-service platform with great flexibility and a sleek and visually appealing interface.

Read more about the Data Manager Overview.

Want to know more about the Data Manager, our powerful self-service tool for ingesting, mapping, and cleansing dataflow? Read the full introduction here.

New Dataflow Overview in the Data Manager

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