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Improved data security with the Trust Center

Jan 10, 2022 | Release Notes

Release Note

Improved data security with the Trust Center

Raptor Services now has a Trust Center – a new privacy-preserving feature within the Control Panel that protects your customers’ data even better.

From the 10th of January, all access to customer data, no matter the role within the company, must be given with permission.

The Trust Center will give the account owner (the customer) full control of handling who can access what on their account (user access and user permissions).

Why do you need a Trust Center?

At Raptor, we want to make sure our customers have full control of their data – and who has access to it. Not only to keep up with current and future data protection laws, but also to ensure our customers that we provide the highest level of data protection possible.

As a processor of customer data, it is our duty to make sure all personal data including IP addresses, names, addresses, phone number, e-mail addresses and purchase history is protected and restricted to people who can demonstrate a use for it.

With the new Trust Center, you can grant or deny access to whoever you want – even us at Raptor Services.

As a data processor, we must fulfill our commitments and responsibilities towards our customers – and we take the data security of you and your end-users very seriously.

What do you do now?

If you have been appointed as account administrator by your organization, getting started with the Trust Center involves 3 steps:  

1. Clean up the account

Start out by going through the list of employees and remove the employees that no longer work at your organization or who shouldn’t have access to the Raptor Control Panel at all. Add the employees and external users who need access to the account.

2. Set permissions according to roles

Set the appropriate permissions for each role. Since some views in the Customer Data Platform give access to personal data, only employees and external users with explicit purpose should be given access.

3. Keep up to date

It is important to keep the list of employees and external users up to date. When employees stop working in your organization, or when external users no longer have an explicit purpose, you should make sure to remove them from the account.

Note: Only the dedicated account administrator of your organization has access to the Trust Center. If you need access to the Trust Center, please reach out to your account administrator. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the new Trust Center, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Improved data security with the Trust Center

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