CDP News: Type-Ahead in the Audience Builder

Dec 7, 2021 | Release Notes

Type-Ahead in the Audience Builder

Next time you use the Audience Builder within the CDP, you will have a much easier time building perfect audiences.

The new, handy Type-Ahead feature is a smart assistant that helps you build your audiences based on values found in your actual data. This way, you avoid building imperfect audiences by accidentally leaving out or mixing up different values.

What has changed?

Before the Type-Ahead feature, you would build audiences by typing out the exact names of the values as stated in the data (e.g., product names like “Nike Mercurial Backpack” or gender expressions like “Woman” or “Female”).

Instead, the new Type-Ahead feature looks into your real data and suggests the real, used values in your data as you are typing.

In this example, when typing out “Nike”, the Type-Ahead feature suggests the different values containing “Nike” in your data.

This allows you to pick out the exact expressions as stated on your site instead of typing them out manually with the risk of mixing up or leaving out different expressions.

How does this improve my work?

By using real examples from real data, this feature minimizes the risk of creating an audience that doesn’t include all the different expressions you use.

When you start typing a value name, the search field will suggest real input found in your data, so you avoid misspelling or seldomly used expressions which could lead to building an audience that is too small or inaccurate.  

That is, the Type-Ahead feature is a great advantage for building perfect audiences in your CDP.

When will the changes take place?

The new feature is already active and ready to use in Audience Builder as of December 7th 2021.

CDP News: Type-Ahead in the Audience Builder

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