Raptor x Rule

From Inbox to Insight: Trends shaping tomorrow’s e-mail personalization


Time: 12.00 – 12.30
Date: February 28th 2024
Location: Online
Language: English

As an ambitious e-commerce marketer, you’re well aware that e-mail marketing is a key revenue driver. It’s an effective tool for maintaining contact with your customers, driving reconversions, and building your brand. 

However, many marketers don’t realize what it takes to take e-mails from good to great. And if they do, they often lack the right insights, tools, or resources to do so. 

This 30-minute online event is here to make all of that a little easier for you – and it’s specifically designed for e-commerce marketers eager to enhance their e-mail marketing using customer data.

You’ll gain insights into:

      • The major trends and challenges in e-mail marketing for 2024.
      • The importance of data activation, personalization, and customer insights – and how you can successfully implement these strategies.
      • Effective methods to expand your subscriber base and obtain the information you need.
      • How Raptor and Rule make personalizing your e-mails a breeze.


Padra Sadr

Partnership Sales Director

Raptor Services

As a Partner Director at Raptor Services, Padra is responsible for managing and developing partnerships with key accounts and resellers in the region. He is great at helping businesses drive revenue growth, building brand awareness, and expanding market share – all with a high degree of personalization. 

Philip Simon

Head of Customer Success


Philip is the Head of Customer Success at Rule, where he focuses on enabling our customers to excel in their communication efforts. He possesses a unique ability to understand various industries and tailor strategies to meet their specific needs. Philip is consistently abreast of the latest trends and innovations in digital communication, assisting companies in developing bespoke and sustainable strategies that lead to increased revenue and digital growth.

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