Deep dive – Single Customer View 


Time: 10:00 – 10:30
Date: February 7th, 2024
Language: English

Why should you be working with Single Customer View? 

Join our 30-minute webinar and get the answer! 
The key to a strong and personal omnichannel business is knowing your customer’s behavior down to every detail and using that knowledge to target your marketing and make it dynamic. 
As a part of Raptors CDP, you’ll get the sought-after feature Single Customer View, which gives a full view of all interactions each customer has made with your business – both online and offline. 
In just 30 minutes, you will get a tour of Raptor’s Single Customer View, what it contains, and how to work with it to elevate your marketing activities.

Look forward to: 

  • A demo of the Single Customer View 
  • A peep into the CDP engine: How does it work and what can you achieve with it?  
  • Relevant use cases you can copy-paste to your marketing plan 

There will also be time for questions to our Product Owner, Mathias.




Mathias Winther Kolind  

Product owner


Raptor Services

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