Playbook: Top 12 audiences to avoid churn and maximize your ROI

Mar 7, 2023 | E-books & Guides

Still building audiences on gut feelings?

The future of marketing is data-based. In fact, companies that use data-driven strategies drive 5-8 times as much ROI as companies that don’t! However, data is still one of the most under-utilized assets in e-commerce, and this blind spot holds marketers back from delivering the most well-targeted and appealing messages possible.  

This playbook gives you the Top 12 data-driven audiences to help you:

  • Find your most high-value customers – and acquire more
  • Segment customers who return too many products – and stop targeting them
  • Predict churning customers, so you can reach out before they leave

Ready for a bullet-proof audience strategy?

Get the free audience guide here!

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