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Major E-mail trends and challenges for European e-commerce companies in 2024

Jan 17, 2024 | E-books & Guides

Where to improve your e-mail marketing in 2024?

Most e-commerce companies acknowledge and work with the importance of e-mail personalization but are only scratching the surface.  
There is still a huge potential to become even better!  
This E-mail Report reveals the biggest trends and challenges for e-commerce companies and how to improve your e-mail marketing in 2024. 
The report is based on interviews with several CMO’s, Marketing Managers, and E-mail Specialist from strong European e-commerce companies – focusing on their use and ability to work with e-mail personalization. 

The report covers:

  • Top 5 of the biggest challenges and opportunities within e-mail personalization 
  • Top 3 of the most common future investments 
  • Relevant cases to be inspired by 
  • 5 e-mail hacks you can’t live without 
  • How to become data-driven and work with segmentation  

…and much more regarding your e-mail setup. 

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