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New Chairman of the Board at Raptor Services A/S

Sep 18, 2017 | Blog posts & News

New chairman of the board

By Kasper


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New Chairman of the Board at Raptor Services A/S!

Former CEO of eBay Denmark and current Executive Vice President at Nordjyske Medier A/S – one of the largest Media Companies in Denmark – Claus Hovge Andersen joins Raptor Services A/S as new Chairman of the Board.

Since the founding of Raptor Services A/S in 2013, the company has experienced a great demand for its behavioral personalization software and today Raptor Services A/S support more than 800 customers in 45 countries.

Kenneth Boll, CEO and Partner in Raptor Services A/S, says:

In the summer of 2016 the ownership put up several milestones towards fall 2017 with the focus of being able to constantly meet the demand from new customers, and, equally important, to continue delivering the highest quality and the best service to our existing customers.

He continues:

One of the many milestones in 2016 was to include a professional board of directors to support the daily management. This was easier said than done as the list of competencies for the candidates was large, including, first and foremost, the competencies and values of a new chairman.

One of the most important requirements is less of a competence and more of a value proposition focusing on always putting the Customer first. Before we can make ourselves understood, we always need to understand our customers’ business needs, including the opportunities they have. It is our responsibility to always ensure our customers receive value from working with us. This is the main DNA of our organization from technology to sales – and is naturally a value that needs to be deeply anchored with a new chairman of the board.

Claus Hovge Andersen takes over:

I have been following Raptor for a long period as I know two of the owners from previous work. Raptor provides a software that makes a significant difference on the ROI for e-commerce. It’s a must-have in modern e-commerce. At the same time, it asks a lot of the supplier in terms of handling high complexity in data, quality and scalability when working with high volume international customers. And of course, it is important not to forget that personalization is the handling of sensitive data, and it is important to undertake investments in securing data externally and internally. Investments that will only increase with the new GDPR regulation in the EU effective in May 2018. At Raptor we are already compliant with the new GDPR standards and have made significant investments in the organization. This is why we are now able to accelerate growth even more in the years to come.

On the appointment of Claus Hovge Andersen as new Chairman, Kenneth Boll elaborates: First and foremost, he possesses broad experience from executive positions in large IT- and Media Companies that we can learn from at Raptor Services A/S. With Claus, we have found a Chairman that can take us to the next level. He is uncompromising in our core values, he is an excellent communicator and he possesses that special ability to review complex business issues and translate them into valuable solutions for the benefit of our organization and Customers.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning Raptor Services or this press release.

Kenneth Boll is CEO in Raptor

Kenneth Boll


Phone: +45 20 266 594

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