Back In Stock and Price Drop

Mar 31, 2021 | Blog posts & News

Back in Stock and Price Drop trigger

By Helle Vad Jespersen


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Most e-commerce stores use mailing lists to send customers notifications when a product gets back in stock. But imagine being able to send an email to a customer without them having to sign up for a specific product or variation. Imagine a system, able to determine a customer’s interest in a specific product or variation, and proactively alerting the customer when something significant happens to the product. That’s exactly what Raptor’s new triggers are for.

Price Drop

By setting a custom number of visits to a specific product or percentage discount in the trigger settings, you define when this trigger should fire and send out an email. This, of course, happens on an individual level. Only customers you know are interested in the specific product, will get the email. Together with Raptor, you define the specific user behavior required to identify a customer’s product interest.


Michelle is looking for a gym bag. She looks at five different bags but keeps circling back to one specific bag three times. Raptor picks up on this behavior and based on the settings in the module decides Michelle is most interested in this bag.


However, no purchase is made at this point.

A few days later the price of the bag drops 15%, which enables the price drop trigger, sending the customer an email with the good news.

Design for conversion

The triggered email should contain splash graphics with an indication of the savings. We’ll happily assist you in the design process, but most marketeers will already be well acquainted with the best practices.

Combining the price drop trigger with the Raptor Sale Module adds power to your triggered email by not only listing the specific product viewed by the customer but also other highly personalized recommendations on sale.

If the customer purchases the product before the price is dropped, the trigger won’t be activated.

Back in Stock

Most e-commerce systems have some sort of option to be notified when an item is back in stock. However, these often require the customer to actively sign up to a specific product or variation. The back in stock trigger keeps track of a customer’s individual preferences and alerts them when a product of interest is once again available on the webshop.

Like the price drop trigger, the back in stock trigger takes advantage of Raptor’s detailed customer behavior knowledge and predicts certain products of interest.

Use triggers to time your messages

Normally an event series, like abandoned cart will play out over a few days, with a follow-up win back campaign up to a few weeks later. With these new triggers, you’re able to target and execute individual emails to customers at the exact time a significant change happens to the product of their interest.

The triggers work in the background on all customers who have given mail permissions and can be combined with a range of other trigger events. Both need an active Raptor tracking solution and Google Product Feed or similar. If you’re already using triggers, implementing Price Drop and Back in Stock is pretty straight forward.

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