Total Ret@il – How Omnichannel can contribute to your business!

Jul 9, 2018 | Blog posts & News

Total ret@il - book on omnichannel experience

By Helle Vad Jespersen


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How Total Ret@il will shape your customers’ Omnichannel experience

If you haven’t already settled on your reading list for the summer here is a true contestant, and if you work in retail this book is a must-read.

The book sheds light on some of the hottest and newest trends within e-commerce and retail. You will gain insights into the new landscape of retail: The change in consumer behavior, the consequences of running a brick and mortar vs. online business, and the many opportunities of combing them, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, the book consists of real-life cases supplemented by statements, learnings, and experiences from 25+ highly skilled experts and professionals.

One of the cases in the book is about Raptor Smart Advisor. It provides an insight into the complexity and immense benefits of being personal and relevant in your communication across channels. The key to true omnichannel is being able to combine offline and online data into a beneficial ecosystem.

Technology is seen as a cost. I reality technology is a competitive advantage. You have to invest heavily in technology in order to create something that your competitors cannot easily imitate. The alternative is to compete on price alone

Louise Byg Kongsholm

Published on LinkedIn July 5, 2018

The book thoroughly covers:

    • The reality of today
    • The consumer
    • The internet
    • The shop
    • From zero to total retail

and additional:

  • Business cases
  • Q&A with industry experts
  • Q&A with industry practitioners
  • Business stories from around the world
  • Taking flight

Louise Byg Kongsholm
Owner, and CEO of pej gruppen, chief editor, and trend researcher. Specialized in user behavior, retail, fashion, and interior.

Martin Michael Frederiksen
Many times CTO and digital frontrunner and entrepreneur. Martin consults and advises some of the largest e-commerce projects in Denmark.

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