Catalog Enhancement

Advertising Personalization

Enhance your product catalogs

Catalog Enhancement enables you to add new product attributes containing business critic logics to your existing product feeds. With Catalog Enhancement you are in complete control of which products you are promoting in your shopping feed ads, whether it is on Facebook, Google or a third platform.

Add product attributes and boost your product feeds with parameters such as high-margin, bestsellers, or revenue–per–visit. Use your unique customer data to differentiate yourself from competitors and improve your performance in your product ads.

What is Catalog Enhancement?

 Catalog Enhancement helps you optimize product feeds with personalized recommendations through media buying on e.g., Google Ads and Facebook.

The Catalog Enhancement solution enables you to automate product selection in your ads based on the individual’s behavioral data.

Why do you need Catalog Enhancement?

Raptor Catalogue Enhancement provides product and content recommendations from a wide range of predefined modules.

Depending on your buying strategy or solution, we ensure that you promote the most popular products, the ones with the highest ROAS or highest profit.

Where can you use Catalog Enhancement?

Catalog Enhancement can be used wherever you are using a product data feed in your advertising campaign setup.

In Google, no matter if your setup involves manual bidding, eCPC, or ROAS target, you will be able to use and take advantage of Catalog Enhancement in Google Shopping. Catalog Enhancement is also available for Google Dynamic Search.

In Facebook, you can connect your best performing audiences with your best-performing products. Whether you are using Collection Ads or Catalog Ads, you can add parameters such as bestsellers, revenue per visit, or a combination for optimization of your business critic goals.

Utilize the Raptor backend to meet ever-changing business goals and add data points along the way.

Catalog Enhancement is also compatible with other marketplaces, such as Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads.


  • Take control of your product ads
  • Implement business critic logics
  • Maximize the value of each impression
  • Choose between predefined and custom algorithms
Catalog Enhancement

Case Study:

Raptor developed a new algorithm, based on the fundamentals of the original Raptor algorithm query language. The algorithm is tailored to business goals in Google, and was the first to implement it into their Google Ads setup.

Following the implementation, they increased their ad spend on Google Shopping by 40% and has achieved a ROAS of 650% on the extra ad spend invested.

The algorithm builds automated ads based on expected sales per click within the different product categories. When compared to regular Google Shopping categories these ads cause CTR, Share of Search Impressions, and Share of Clicks to increase greatly.

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