XL-BYG x Raptor

How XL-BYG is futureproofing their data strategy with Raptor’s CDP


increase in conversion rate with Raptor recommendations


Increase in average order value with Raptor recommendations


With 96 physical stores and the biggest revenue, XL-BYG is Denmark’s largest DIY chain. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, they strive to be the consumers’ professional advisors – both online and in their physical stores.

5 years ago, XL-BYG were facing a challenge. With their large quantities of customer data that kept streaming in from all the channels, they needed a strong tool to collect and activate that customer data.

In order to be personalized and build accurate segments, they started looking for the best CDP and personalization partner to join their digital journey and ended up choosing Raptor.

We want to be the best in the market in terms of using customer data to grow our business, and that’s why we have chosen the best to advise us. We value our collaboration with Raptor and how they help us personalize our entire customer journey and activate our customer data.

Helene Birk


Hammering out gut feelings

Before Raptor, XL-BYG didn’t have any personalization in their channels, and recommendations were chosen manually by product directors.

This meant spending oceans of time and resources manually picking recommendations for every single product.

With Raptor’s personalization engine, they are saving a lot of working hours and are guaranteed their recommendations are both updated and relevant. And the effect is outstanding.

When customers interact with Raptor recommendations, there is a 273% increase in conversion rate and a 37% increase in the average order value.

This also affects the number of unique products per order with a boost of 66%. This means that when customers are interacting with personalized recommendations, they are more likely to add additional products to their order.


increase in conversion rate with Raptor recommendations


increase in average order value with Raptor recommendations


increase in unique products per order when interacting with recommendations

Our recommendations are now much more accurate without spending any time on them. And it has lifted our conversion rate considerably.
Helene Birk


From only having access to historical data, XL-BYG also has access to current behavior that happens here and now. This enables them to combine these insights to create dynamic and real-time recommendations depending on the visitor’s interests and previous visits.

For example, if a visitor is browsing for a grill, the recommendations will reflect the visitor’s preferences. An affordable grill will result in recommendations for affordable accessories, and a Weber grill will result in accessories from Weber.

Nailing customer segmentation

XL-BYG work actively with categories and customer segments across their 200.000 products. For example, all who have bought garden furniture or all who are interested in a hedge cutter. This helps XL-BYG become even sharper in their targeting.

We need to understand the needs of every single customer to target them with the right message. And here the answer is Raptors CDP.

Helene Birk


With the CDP, they are able to see and calculate the value of each customer and use these insights to create look-alike-audiences. This way they can find new customers similar to their existing ones with a high customer lifetime value (CLV).
Learn more about working with a CDP and getting to know your customers
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Future-proofing their data strategy 

One of the main arguments behind choosing a CDP was the end of 3rd party cookies. XL-BYG knew they needed a 1st party data strategy, and here, the CDP is the perfect solution.

“It’s crucial to have a solution at hand before the phase-out of 3rd party cookies, and here, Raptor’s CDP allows us to be two steps ahead. Without the CDP to secure our new 1st party data strategy, we would be in very bad standing today.”

– Helene Birk, CMO, XL-BYG

The phase-out of 3rd party cookies means access to less data in general – but also less unreliable data. With a 1st party data strategy, you take ownership of the customer data that enters your business. This leads to much more reliable and accurate personalization and segmentation.

A CDP is the perfect solution for XL-BYG because it stores data and valuable insights across all channels and platforms. It allows them to analyze this data and get a better understanding of their customers and create more meaningful interactions.

A DIY content universe 

Some care a lot about their indoor lighting, and others are deeply invested in their garden flowers. To inspire and guide within all their categories, XL-BYG created a vast content universe full of videos, articles, DIY hacks, etc.

Here, they inspire visitors with content, making a seamless connection between their content and webshop.

For example, they use a Raptor recommendation module called ‘GetContent2Product’. By placing this module on their product pages, visitors are automatically shown content related to the product. The result? A 5 times higher click-through rate than the other modules.

It’s important to be aware of the correlation between content and products and here they use insights from the CDP to create the best recommendations and overall experience for each visitor.

For example, if a customer buys a grill, they will receive an e-mail with an article on how to clean and prepare that exact grill a year later once the season starts.

We wish to be top-of-mind when customers want to learn how to build a terrace or need inspiration for their garden flowers. This way, we hope to be their preferred choice when they are buying the relevant products for their terrace or garden.

Helene Birk


The future is data-based

In the future, XL-BYG want to work even more with data activation and customer intent – and the CDP plays a major part in that.

They have already come far in the last 5 years, but there is still more potential and opportunities to explore.

“We cannot spare Raptor’s expertise. Their great knowledge and understanding of our business are priceless.”

– Helene Birk, CMO, XL-BYG

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Key take-aways

  • XL-BYG increased their conversion rate by 273% and boosted their average order value by 37% by implementing Raptor’s personalization engine.
  • With Raptor’s recommendations, XL-BYG now have both accurate and personal recommendations in real-time.
  • By making a seamless correlation between content and products, XL-BYG inspires visitors and achieves a 5 times higher click-through rate.
  • Raptor’s CDP was the perfect solution for XL-BYG to segment their customers and become even sharper in their targeting.

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