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Billig VVS Case Study

Personalized Search with Raptor & Algolia


Date: June 2020
Customer: BilligVVS
Language: English
Partner: Algolia

Black friday webinar raptor

In collaboration with Algolia, Raptor Services hosted this webinar, where Nicolas Gerard from Algolia and Jeppe Godske Olsen from Raptor Services gave an introduction to what personalized search is and why it is important.

Based on the common Raptor and Algolia success case, BilligVVS, Nicolas, and Jeppe will show some best practice examples of how to use personalized search on your website.

Spend 45 minutes and learn why personalized search is a must-have for every commerce.


  • Short intro: Raptor & Algolia
  • What is personalized search?
  • Customer Success Case
  • Best-practice
  • Q&A session

Short recap of the webinar


Jeppe Godske Olsen - global director in raptor services

Jeppe Godske Olsen

Global Partner Director, Raptor

+45 51 20 88 21

Mads Thorsen

Nicolas Gerard

Account Executive, Algolia

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