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What is E-mail Personalization?

E-mail Personalization is a marketing tactic that involves using your subscriber’s data to create a unique customer experience for the individual subscriber with personal recommendations. It allows you to send relevant e-mails that are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each subscriber.

This can improve your e-mail performance with dynamic product and content recommendations – all based on previous behavior, browsing history and purchases.

What are E-mail product recommendations?

With product recommendations you present subscribers with relevant and personal products in your e-mails. It ensures that you show the right product at the right time to the right subscriber. 
Every product module is based on each individual subscribers’ behavior, so the products are different for each subscriber. This way you present them with choices that match any previous behavior, such as purchases and/or search results. 
For example, if they bought a pair of shoes, the module would give them a recommendation for socks or a cleaning spray. 


What are content recommendations?

Inspire your subscribers with relevant content based on their behavior and make your content sell the products for you. This will also maintain your relationship with your subscribers. 
Sell products through content recommendations by finding the right content pieces for each subscriber, egg. e-books, articles, and videos about a certain product they have shown interest in. 
For example, content on “How to use your air fryer” or an article on “The 5 best mascaras for thick lashes”.

Why is E-mail Personalization important?

With millions of e-mails being sent every day, it is essential for brands to stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve convinced them to open your e-mail the key to standing out and secure conversion is E-mail Personalization.  
Because who wouldn’t prefer immediately finding what they are searching for in their e-mail inbox rather than spending hours browsing and researching?  
With personalized recommendations, you automatically place the products your subscribers are most likely to find interesting right under their noses.

What can you achieve with E-mail Personalization?

Improve your E-mail Performance

Increase Customer Engagement

Improve Cross-selling

Communicate the right message to the right people at the right time

Increase Average Sales Value

Lower Bounce Rates

Boost Sales

Win Back Customers

Build Strong Customer Relationships

Recover Potentially Lost Revenue

Increase Conversion & Click-Through Rates

Avoid all Manual Resources – Automation is Key

Why choose Raptor’s E-mail Personalization?


With Raptors personalization tool, you avoid the manual process of choosing products you think your subscribers will find interesting. Instead, let their preferences, behavior and interactions determine the content or products shown in your e-mails.  
The recommendations modules are dynamic and updated in real-time. The moment a subscriber opens your e-mail, the product or content for each individual subscriber is chosen, taking the most recent behavior into consideration.  

Personalization – Best of Breed or Best of Suite?

Save manual resources

No manual product selection, use behavior to automatically choose products


Every interaction is processed and updated within milliseconds

Tailored to your business

Custom and scalable solution adjusted to your needs and preferences

Easy implementation

No need to change platform – get up and running in no time


As behavior changes, so does the content and products of the e-mail

Performance tracking

Get a complete overview of your most significant KPI’s

How to get started with E-mail Personalization?

With the right tool it is easy to get started with content and product recommendations in your e-mails. 

1. Set up product catalog

Import your shopping feed and make all your products available for our recommendation engine.

2. Set up website tracking

Track every behavior and interaction from your website visitors 

3. Start sending

Send personalized e-mails with product and content recommendations

What are some of the best-performing use cases?

Use our prebuilt modules that quickly and easily get you started with E-mail Personalization: 

Most popular in Category

Related products

Recently viewed

Most popular products

Personalized recommendations

Most popular in Brand

Trending Products

Content Recommendations

Related Content

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