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E-Commerce Berlin Expo Recap + Video

Mar 12, 2018 | Blog posts & News

By Helle Vad Jespersen


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German online shoppers are suspicious of personalized offers. Lego is the most frequently sold toy in Germany, online. Germans typically do not buy food and furniture online. Germans are not adopting smart devices into their homes, as readily as their other European neighbors.

At Raptor Services, we just returned from our first ever conference in Berlin with improved knowledge and new inspiration. We made many new acquaintances, both on the customer and the partner side, and we met several familiar faces from Dynamic Web, Improving, Algolia and others.

The E-commerce Berlin Expo completely exceeded our expectations for our first German conference, and the amount of qualified leads we bring home is incredible. When it comes to personalization, the German market is in the early phase, but they are definitely craving more!

Kenneth Boll

CEO, Raptor Services

The presentations

Seen from an E-commerce perspective, the very first presentation of the day was also the most interesting one. Idealo, the 4th larges E-com platform in Germany, gave a summary of their annual survey on Online Shoppers:

According to Idealo, German online shoppers are an ambivalent kind. The majority are willing to provide personal information for discounts and offers, but when asked, they are skeptical of personalized offers as well as dynamic pricing. It is popular-belief that Saturday is the most expensive shopping day and is at turns out that is true for some product groups on Idealo.

The conference was attended by more than 5000 visitors, 150 exhibitors, and 40 different speakers.

The interesting topic of multichannel shopping was explored by Mister Spex. They started by selling eyewear online but quickly realized that eye-exams are difficult to do online.

Mister Spex was born online, and therefore they already had large quantities of data when they designed their brick and mortar stores. On the basis of their conversion optimized website, they organized their physical stores with great success.

Mister Spex use the same layout with similar categories and filters, so when shoppers go from online to in-store they can easily find their favorite glasses. Next step is a VR-try-on feature so online shoppers can see how they look with a pair of glasses without getting on their feet!

During the expo, we listened to Dialogflow, an expert in voice assistants. They talked about trends in voice search, and how voice queries are currently 40% more actionable than text search, so the provided results should be shaped to match the requested actions.

Datawit talked about human intuition vs. data usage in marketing: Companies should utilize their data when it makes sense and combines it with human intuition when bias is a positive factor.

Finally, SOOQR talked about the importance of online speed. For each second of wait time, 30% of all users leave your webshop! They also noted that webshops should add their content to their search results to gain maximum benefit from an on-site search.

If you want to know more about personalization solutions, sign up for a demo now and we will give you a personalized demo with the different aspects of your business. You are always more than welcome to contact us.

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