Guide: Black Friday Guide 2023

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What is it about

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are, without a doubt, the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

In 2020, Black Friday existed primarily online, which means, as a marketer, you need to prepare ahead of time how you want to present products and content to ensure you are able to break through the noise.

The competition is fierce, the stakes are high, and the excitement is thrilling. What matters most is your ability to attract and engage customers with relevant offers and content that outruns your competitors.

What to expect

  • Four factors influencing buyer’s decisions during Black Friday campaigns
  • How to personalize your landing pages
  • Why personalized e-mails are a must on Black Friday – and which modules work wonders for your campaigns
  • The psychological triggers for increased conversions
  • How to use your website as an ad platform for suppliers
  • How to personalize ads in paid media
  • How to use personalization to “win back” customers who have left your site
  • Why you should use in-store data in your online store

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